Benefits and Insights

Why use SmartLinx?

Key differentiators & advantages of SmartLinx

  • Save Money:  Assess employee skills, open positions and more to ensure that staffing needs are met without going over budget. The system can also track employee hours and alert managers to help avoid overtime. 
  • Increase Efficiency:  By ensuring that staff with the necessary skills are properly scheduled, businesses can increase productivity and efficiency. The system can help predict scheduling needs and alert managers when schedules are not optimal to help maintain scheduling best practices. 
  • Access From Anywhere:  The Smartlinx Go native app allows users to access all key functionalities from their mobile devices. Automatic notifications keep the entire team up to date, reducing missed shifts and relieving the burden of HR managers by providing employees with self-service capabilities. 
  • Boost Engagement:  Managers and employees can access the system and communicate with one another directly through the platform. By providing easy access to key features, the system encourages employees to engage directly with their schedules and more, relieving some of the burden on HR managers. 
  • Ensure Compliance:  Send personalized messages to employees to remind them of certification expiration dates. The system can also notify managers of potential licensing issues before they arise, ensuring that businesses adhere to industry guidelines. 
  • Robust Support:  The winner of a 2018 Stevie Award for customer service, SmartLinx’s support team offers technical support and answers questions specific to the needs of long-term care providers to help customers identify best practices for their business. 

Industry Expertise

SmartLinx provides workforce management tools to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. The systems they offer can act as stand-alone solutions or integrate to build fully-integrative suites of products.

Key Features

Employee Scheduling

  • Schedule Optimizer:  Ensure that staff with the necessary skills are scheduled for the correct functions. The system can also help managers ensure that they are always properly staffed, never over or understaffed. 
  • Employee Self-Service:  Managers can use the system to post shifts as soon as they become open, allowing employees to pick up shifts. The platform automatically updates to reflect these changes in real time so users always have an accurate picture of schedules. 
  • Notifications:  Automatically send alerts to employees to notify them of schedule changes. Managers can also send alerts when a shift becomes available or is filled to fill the shift quickly and confirm that the employee is aware of the update. 
  • Quick Post:  Managers can post open shifts with a single click, saving time and freeing them up to focus on other HR tasks that can’t be automated. 
  • Time and Attendance Integration:  By integrating with the SmartLinx time and attendance platform, the schedule optimizer is able to track and predict employee hours to ensure compliance with industry regulations and avoid costly overtime, which can eat away at the business’ bottom line. 

Time and Attendance

  • Time Tracking:  Schedules, time punches, employee hours and absences automatically update, providing managers with an accurate view of employee time and attendance. 
  • SmartLinx Time Clock:  Eliminate instances of buddy punching with fingerprint enabled time clock terminals. Employees can also use the terminal to view messages, schedules, accruals and view the status of their time off requests. 
  • Define Rules:  Managers can monitor employee hours and set rules to prohibit employees from working unapproved overtime hours. The system also allows managers to define guidelines for which time punches are accepted and enable the system to automatically reject punches that are not compliant. 
  • Time Calculations:  Automatically track and assess employee hours. The system integrates with payroll functionalities to calculate shift differentials and process queries in real time. 


  • Data Tracking:  The system automatically tracks and sorts relevant data, including employee hours, shift types, rates of pay and more, seamlessly organizing information for managers to review. 
  • Automatic Filing:  SmartLinx can automatically enter data, eliminating the need for managers to do it manually. Managers can export the data in a CMS compliant XML file. 
  • Audit History:  Track and save source data and processing records in one centralized location. This information is stored and easily accessible so that all of the necessary documentation for audits is readily available. 
  • Reporting:  All payroll data is housed within the payroll-based journal. Managers can use this feature to generate reports with one click. 

Workforce Management

  • Cost Management:  By identifying staffing gaps in real time and recommending staff to fill gaps, the system can cut scheduling costs. SmartLinx can also monitor hours spent with a patient, service charges and more to optimize costs and spending. 
  • Workforce Planning:  Calculate workforce metrics, view employee availability, scheduled hours and scheduling needs to build optimal schedules that optimize efficiency and productivity. Managers can also gain insight into growth needs and the costs associated with it. 
  • Staffing Ratings:  Assess past, present and future staffing across all worksites to evaluate how they compare to federal regulations. This feature also provides insights into how to improve rankings to get a five star CMS rating. 
  • Reporting:  Create and share reports with leaders at every level, from managers to executives and C-suites. The system enables users to create custom data fields and generate unique visualizations to include within reports. 


These are the known limitations of the solution based on user sentiment at the time of the publication of this review:
  •  It does not always display the correct schedule, and it can be difficult to distinguish which month’s schedule users are viewing 
  •  Some users found discrepancies in the reports generated by the platform 

SmartLinx Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Information for how to contact support via email can be located by logging into the SmartLinx Solutions portal.
phonePhone: Users can find information on how to contact support by phone by logging into the SmartLinx Solutions portal.
schoolTraining: SmartLinx offers instructor-led virtual training for groups of up to 10 individuals. Users can register for training on the SmartLinx website. Support experts are also available for onsite training for users at all levels. In addition to training, users have 24/7 access to e-Learning courses on a variety of topics.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through the SmartLinx Solutions portal. Each ticket flows through a process of problem analysis and resolution. In addition to troubleshooting answers, users can receive advice on best practice guidelines from a support expert in response to their ticket.

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