Benefits and Insights

Why use Pipkins?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pipkins

  • Real Time Adherence
    Managing agents throughout the day is a critical component of ensuring operational efficiency in your contact center. As you invest human resources as well as monetary expenses in technology, it’s important that you are getting the most out of these investments. If your agents are not adhering to the optimal schedules delivered by the workforce management system, this will add to losing time and money, taking away from your bottom line. Real Time Adherence is a key ingredient in managing your workforce and delivering industry standard KPI’s, while improving your overall productivity

  • Web Access
    Streamlined communications and process automation is critical for organizations to enhance employee morale by providing necessary tools to perform day-to-day tasks. Failure to provide these tools lowers productivity, increases turnover, and churns supervisor time responding to manual requests on a daily basis. The cost is extensive, adding to higher staffing, on-boarding, and administrative costs. Pipkins Web Access functionality provides productivity tools to agents and supervisors to make their workday easier.

  • Spreadsheet Performance Management
    Pipkins' Spreadsheet Performance Management consolidates real time performance data into customizable reporting and dashboards for actionable results. Performance of agent, team, and group metrics can be quickly delivered to every level of organizations from the front office contact center to the back office by utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

  • Smart Phone Access
    Smart phone support is now offered exclusively for Pipkins Vantage Point Web Access module. This enhancement enables users equipped with smart phones to check agent status at a glance, modify schedules with a click while in meetings or off-site, send messages and notifications and view reports from hundreds of miles away.