Benefits and Insights

Why use NOVAtime?

Key differentiators & advantages of NOVAtime

  • Unified Solution:  NOVAtime allows users to streamline key HR tasks such as time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, workforce planning, recruiting and more, all through one unified platform. 
  • Scalable System:  Designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, NOVAtime can scale with the growth of a business, making it a viable solution for small organizations with plans to expand their business. 
  • Mobile:  Accessible from desktop, mobile or tablet devices, users can access NOVAtime from any internet-connected device. This ease of access enables businesses with non-standard work hours or multiple worksites to leverage all of the system’s capabilities while on the go. 
  • Cost Efficient:  By offering multiple solutions and capabilities, NOVAtime allows users to cherry pick the functionalities that are most important for their business without forcing them to pay for additional features they won’t need. 
  • Stand-Alone Options:  While the full NOVAtime suite offers a multitude of capabilities, NOVAtime also offers some of their functionalities as stand-alone solutions. For small businesses without the need for a robust workforce management suite, there are independent solutions available for time tracking, scheduling and leave management. 

Industry Expertise

NOVAtime Inc. joined with Ascentis in 2018 through the acquisition of Cincinnati Time Systems, making it part of a large network of solutions that specialize in serving businesses in the healthcare, facility services and manufacturing industries. NOVAtime stands out from the rest of Asentis’ platforms by providing workforce and time management capabilities to businesses of all sizes and is suitable for organizations in all industries.

Key Features

Core HR

  • Payroll:  NOVAtime offers two options for users seeking payroll functionality: a payroll platform and payroll integrations with popular third-party solutions. 
    • Payroll Platform:  NOVAtime’s payroll platform allows managers to export relevant payroll data, such as hours worked and shift differentials. Managers can then leverage the system’s payroll bridge to export the data in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV files and rich text. 
    • Payroll Integration:  The system integrates with popular third-party payroll vendors such as ADP, Oracle, Paycor, Ceridian, Quickbooks and more. 
  • Workforce Planning:  The system provides managers with visibility into their workforce, informing them of employee qualifications, certifications, skills, availability and more. This information allows managers to understand what their employees are capable of and what skills the team still needs in order to optimize workflows. 
  • Labor Forecasting:  NOVAtime can help predict scheduling needs in order to reduce labor costs while ensuring appropriate staffing levels. 
  • Reporting:  Each module of the system facilitates robust reporting to provide managers with insight into employee attendance, staffing trends, pay rates and more. 

Time and Attendance

  • Time Tracking:  Employees can clock in directly through the system via time clock, phone, mobile app, time card swipe or biometric device. The system then records time punches to monitor employee hours and attendance. Supervisors are also able to view reports on employee metrics and manage time off requests through the system. 
  • Integrative Time Clock:  NOVAtime offers a physical time clock terminal for businesses that require employees to clock in for their shifts at their worksite. The NT8000 Smart Time Clock allows employees to clock in with a unique ID number or by fingerprint, helping to eliminate instances of buddy punching. 
  • User-Friendly Dashboard:  Supervisors and system administrators can view all time and attendance related data in a configurable dashboard. Some of the information that is easily found within the dashboard includes attendance exceptions, actual hours worked, scheduled hours, employee leave requests and more. 
  • Integration:  NOVAtime offers more than 300 third-party integrations for core HR and payroll. The system is also compatible with more than 300 other applications, including third-party solutions for ERP, allowing the system to seamlessly share relevant data with other platforms. 

Leave Management

  • Unlimited Leave Types:  NOVAtime’s leave management capabilities include the ability to track an unlimited number of leave events, including those defined by users and traditional leave types such as FMLA, vacation or military. 
  • Accrual Balances:  Through integration with the time and attendance capabilities, the leave management functionality can automatically track and update employee accruals. Employees can then view these balances by accessing the system from their desktop, mobile or on-premise time clock device. 
  • Notifications:  NOVAtime can send automatic notifications to managers to update them when there is a new request to review as well as sending alerts to employees to notify them when a request is approved or denied. 
  • FMLA Compliance:  The platform’s FMLA feature streamlines these types of leaves through compliant workflows that come complete with pre-designed FMLA forms. Employees are also able to access this functionality through the self-service portal. 

Employee Scheduling

  • Core Scheduling:  The scheduling function allows managers to create schedules of any length and assign employees to single schedules or multiple schedules. 
  • Unlimited Scheduling:  Supervisors have access to an unlimited number of schedules and can leverage unlimited definitions to distinguish schedules, patterns, employee shift rotations and assignments. This functionality also comes with the ability to copy schedules, generate one-off schedules and create up to five unique schedules for a single day. 
  • Self-Service:  Employees can request shift changes or swap shifts with fellow employees. Managers can send emails directly to employees to inform them of open shifts or schedule changes as well as fill open shifts based on which employees have the relevant skills. 


At the time of this review’s publication, these are the known limitations of NOVAtime, based on user feedback:
  •  Not all payroll integrations are compatible with the system’s native payroll bridge 
  •  Some users report frequent difficulties logging into the mobile app 
  •  The mobile app can load slowly and take a long time to update, and some users report frequent app crashes 

NOVAtime Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact support from NOVAtime’s parent company, Ascentis, by sending an email to [email protected]
phonePhone: The parent company, Ascentis, offers phone support to users by calling 1(800)229-2713 ext. 8.
schoolTraining: NOVAtime offers training and support to users during the implementation process to ensure users are up to date on the system and its capabilities. Continual consulting is also available post implementation. The website also houses educational training and support videos, which anyone can access.
local_offerTickets: NOVAtime does not appear to offer a ticketing feature at this time.