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Why use Relevant?

Key differentiators & advantages of Relevant

  • Loyalty
    Points, dollars, surprise & delight, or something in between? We’ll work with you to cook up your secret loyalty sauce and make it come alive in mobile. Using your branded app, clients can be rewarded on each visit in a way that elevates your brand to web 2.0.

  • Ordering
    Whether you already have online ordering in place or not, we can help you get it in your app. That way guests can place orders when it makes the most sense – on the go! Check out our partners to see who we work with, and we’re always happy to talk about what the best ordering solution is for you.

  • Mobile Payment
    Let guests use your branded app as a way to pay for purchases in store (or online) without ever having to take out a wallet.

  • Gift Cards
    Looking for ways to get more out of your plastic gift card program? Sending digital gift cards is the way forward.

  • Push Marketing
    Send notifications tailored by location, time, event or purchase history. Timely reminders of special offers, seasonal goodies or local perks will surprise your customers, in a way made possible with the knowledge that comes from a relationship, not a transaction.

  • Feedback
    Bring your customers into the loop! Make it easy for guests to answer your questions or inspire your next flavor. Question by question, a 60% response rate will leave little unsaid. Heat a complaint? Eliminate the cost of mailing gift cards to appease guests. Instead, use your app to send them a little something, immediately.

  • Social
    Tweet, Pin, Like and Friend - speak the millennial language. Fuel engagement by creating a social presence through your app. Incarnate your message into games, picture galleries or communication networks. Whatever your vision, we know the code behind it.