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  • User Experience Design ÄKTA's process is built on an unwavering focus on the art and science of user experience design across all platforms. We're unwavering in our commitment to creating smart, efficient digital experiences that people love.

  • Mobile App Development When thinking about multi-year strategies, advanced business leaders and marketers are putting a focus on mobile—from the B2C, B2B and enterprise perspectives. In order to execute mobile, you need a partner who understands the micro- and macro-trends, can strategize and execute at the highest levels and who specializes in sustainability, security, compliance and deployment.

  • Innovation Consulting ÄKTA is uniquely equipped to help our clients transform innovation from a buzzword to a practice that drives your business forward and creates defensible digital positions. Our collaboration-driven programs focus on growth strategies, building innovation capabilities and creating progressive digital products that mobilize your workforce.

  • Brand Experience and Strategy Powerful brand design and strategy, based on our industry-leading user research and ethnography process