Benefits and Insights

Why use Click Reply Warehouse Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Click Reply Warehouse Management

FLEXIBILITY - Click Reply™ Warehouse Management natively supports a broad range of logistics processes. With over a thousand different parameters, our customers can all lay their hands on the right plug-and-play solution that matches their specific needs with a short time to 
SCALABILITY  - The product, natively multi-site and multi-owner, can easily be extended to new sites and owners and adapted to the specific processes of each one. Click Reply™ Warehouse Management is the ideal solution to help our customers grow and develop their business. 
COMPATIBILITY  - Our solution is constantly being updated, maintained, extended and documented with regular product releases. Each release is backward-compatible, introducing valuable new features and functions to constantly improve analytics, monitoring, process execution and overall ease of use. 
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - We have always given careful consideration to how users interact with the system. Our solutions can make a difference in the day-to-day running of the business, enabling operational execution to be system-driven, ensuring that the correct information is in the right place, flagging critical situations, and providing advanced, flexible analysis tools that can convert tabular data into charts or pivot tables. 
REAL-TIME EXECUTION - Paper is now a thing of the past. Operations are executed using radio-frequency terminals or voice recognition for maximum control of the physical component, or by using dedicated wizards in the web application.
Cost of Ownership

Typical cost structure for Click Reply WMS:

License/Subscription Cost
  • On-Premise: Perpetual licensing-based model - required to pay upfront fee to own the software plus IP for a fixed term, along with installation, customization and integration costs over and above the license fee
  • Cloud-based/SaaS: Subscription-based pricing model – per month per user basis
Maintenance Cost
  • For both types of deployments, cost is over and above the upfront cost/subscription cost
  • Click Reply WMS provides an on-going support and consulting services for its WMS product on a pay-day basis. The support services can range from widespread support services to very specific application support, depending on the level of support agreement signed in the contract
  • Click Reply WMS offers three levels of support to its users:
    • Basic Support includes a central help desk and is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The calls are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, with on-site interventions whenever remote intervention is not possible. The vendor charges fixed rates for high-priority software modifications
    • Plus Support services offer basic support services plus checks the priority of calls based on severity. It offers on-site help for disaster recovery, application tuning, and preventive database maintenance services
    • Extended Support services includes Plus support benefits plus considers immediate call response, application management, and 24/7 service coverage services
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • For both types of deployments, cost is over and above the upfront cost/subscription cost
  • Provides implementation services via its team of professionals and consultants
Customization Cost
  • For both types of deployments, cost is over and above the perpetual license fee and subscription cost
  • The product can be customized as per user requirements which involves customization cost on a per-client basis
  • Cost will vary depending on the type of functional requirements being added as an add-on, based on business requirements
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • For both types of deployments, cost is over and above the perpetual license fee and subscription cost
  • Cost will vary depending on the amount and type of data to be migrated from the legacy system, availability of migration tools, complexity of data and gaps between the existing system and the new system
Training Cost
  • For both types of deployments, cost is over and above the upfront cost/subscription fee and will vary depending on the type of course opted for
  • ClickReply offers training programs to the users of the new systems
  • Provides online courses related to its WMS technology
  • Offers classroom and in-field training sessions, delivered at user’s premises
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • On-Premise: Cost is equivalent to the additional licenses purchased, based on organization’s requirements, implementation cost, customization cost, professional support services and type of training program opted for
  • Cloud-based/SaaS: Cost is equivalent to the monthly subscription fee paid on per-user basis, on-going maintenance and support services and training services opted for
Pricing Details
Product Name Description Price/Details
Pricing of Click Reply WMS What is the cost of the software? Pricing information available on request only
Deployment Options What options are available for product deployment?
  • On-Premise
  • Cloud-based/SaaS
Pricing Model What is the pricing model?
  • License-based
  • Subscription-based
Minimum Commitment Is there a minimum monthly or yearly commitment required for purchase? Minimum commitment of 1 year is required
Custom Quote Can you get a custom quote? Yes
Free Trial Does the vendor provide a free trial option? No
Product Limitations

Some of the product limitations include:

  • Click Reply WMS does not support integration with CRM tools such as Salesforce
  • Click Reply WMS does not provide a robust Billing Management functionality
  • The solution does not support a robust Labor Management functionality. However, the solution can be integrated with Click Reply Labor Management module
  • Click Reply WMS does not support Payment Processing functionality
  • The solution does not support Accounting integration with tools such as QuickBooks and Xero
  • The solution does not provide an ROI tool to identify limitations/weaknesses in the supply chain
  • The solution cannot be installed on MAC OS and Linux OS

Oracle WMS: Starting at $10 per month per 1,000 warehouse transactions

Tecsys WMS: License Cost: Starting from $50,000 (one-time license fee)

Fishbowl: Starts at $4,395/license (one-time fee)

Pricing for Warehouse Management Software