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Automate your workflows

Your warehouse team is one of your most valuable assets. Optimizing task execution is imperative to ensuring maximum productivity. Lower your cost to serve and increase your customer satisfaction with mobile driven workflows.

Manage your workforce with real-time visibility to performance metrics

Solid Labor performance reporting can transform you warehouse into a lean, customer focused profit center. The ability to manage and re-allocate employees to where they are most needed and on the fly is key to a more cost effective, efficient operation.

Increased throughput with advanced business rules

The omni-channel buyer’s experience is driving today’s warehouse to be flexible and adaptive. Whether your customer is in retail, wholesale, or e-commerce, operational flexibility and adaptability is a must if you want to gain a competitive advantage.

Track and trace your Inventory in real-time

Inventory accuracy and traceability throughout the supply chain is vitally important if you are to be competitive in today’s business environment. Industry regulations and customer compliance issues are placing more demands than ever on your operation.

Benefit from seamless ERP integration

Information between your ERP and our WMS is completely integrated and synchronized in real time. Leveraging the latest technology using Web Services, XML format and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), our WMS offers out-of-the box integration. The system interface hub is directly embedded in our WMS for real time monitoring of all inbound and outbound transactions. A transaction error, for example, will trigger an automatic email advising appropriate staff members. Our WMS can integrate with multiple systems using different communication protocols. Leveraging the best solutions, on the right platform and technology.

Execute changes faster: Configuration over customization

The Generix Group WMS is considered a Low-Code application. Most of the required changes are feasible within the configuration parameters, however it’s possible to also add customization. We preserve upgradability by creating transactions groups where all changes are recorded. Mobile Processes can be updated by a Process Designer. New States can be added, and existing states can be updated as required to meet specific business requirements. Desktop Pages, including reports can be added or modified as needed.

Leverage leading WMS implementation methodologies & tools

A Proven methodology supported by a complete integrated platform called Generix Back Office, which is part of strategic core development path. The Generix Back Office is an integral element in reducing risk and increasing value for all parties – narrows the “Fire Zone” – by aligning all parties, automates solution design, accelerates configuration and adoption at methodology and execution levels

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