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Focus WMS is a top warehouse management software that can be used by storage facilities, logistic establishments, organizations dealing in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing. It was developed keeping in mind the changing nature of warehousing operations with the advent of new technologies. It combines approved traditional methods and standard practices with state-of-the-art technology to give warehouse owners a platform that can ensure total compliance and smoothen operations.

Owners of warehouses and managers of logistics establishments face an immense challenge when it comes to inventory management. Striking the right balance to prevent over-stocking and avoid under-stocking situations requires a very complicated balancing act. As a comprehensive inventory software, Focus WMS solves this problem by automating inventory stocking and making it synchronized with an inbuilt order management system and procurement management features. The automated synchronization which records every aspect of sales right from order entry to payment, gives a clear view to managers and owners about the existing stock and on-going order fulfilment, based on which they can decide whether to procure more stock or not.

Business Benefits
• Enables perfect order fulfillment and on-time shipment
• Eliminate costly physical inventories
• Make optimum use of human and warehouse resources
• Reduces order processing times
• Minimizes shipping, put-away and picking errors

Functional Benefits
• Provides real-time information over a network
• Automatic restocking based on maximum and minimum levels 
• Ability to manage multiple locations 
• Improved management control and reporting 
• Helps plan and track labor resource

Technical Benefits
• Dot net platform with MS-SQL database
• Built on .Net Remoting system
• Web enabled
• RF enabled Integration with Hand Held Terminals 
• Sends alerts based on user IP configured in user definition.

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