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Why use Click Reply?

Key Features

  • Warehouse Management: Supports a broad range of logistics processes to help customers choose their desired solution. Voice-recognition, radiofrequency terminals or dedicated wizards in the web application can be used for executing operations. Manage and customize text alerts or emails using various configuration tools. Controls and optimizes receiving and storing procedures, inventory and map management, outbound operations and inter-site goods transfer processes. Fulfill customer requirements using functionalities like kitting and de-kitting, serial numbers, value-added services, component back-flushing and labeling. 
  • Yard Management: Manage, handle and monitor yard vehicles through yard management that offers various features, including mapping, truck and trailer analysis and tracking movements through task creation. Oversee yard reception activities like registration and control of vehicles in and out of the yard using its gate flow module. Also, dock management helps control operations at loading/unloading doors. 
  • Labor Management: Ensure operational staff availability based on work schedules established for the production plant or warehouse using team and shift modules. Determine the resources required to implement work plans through workforce planning. Its task and work module describes steps to create work activities. Monitor models with activity progress reports from operational systems and use analytical tools to assess work progress. Provides statistical analysis related to incidence per work type, direct work times, delayed distribution, historical trends, incidence of indirect tasks and worker-related statistics. 
  • Warehouse Performance: Allows key performance indicator monitoring, detailed data analysis and resource usage details through warehouse performance. Its integration with a BI solution, Qlik Sense, enables data discovery in self-service mode. Also, all the inbound, outbound, stock and map, inventory and movement, progress and productivity KPIs can be easily analyzed. 
  • Warehouse Billing: Define rules that assign the right rates to warehouse activities through its modeling feature. Captures warehouse activity flow and associates it to contracts based on the defined modeling structure. Generate reports based on specific criteria like cost category, LSP, period, contract, bill, cost center, activity, sub-activity and more. 
  • Logistics Execution: Offers reliable, innovative and cost-effective tools for effective and accurate logistics execution. Its mobile platform supports execution processes in various operating systems and environments and can be implemented for Microsoft and Android platforms. Integrates the JVoice module for handling eyes-free and hands-free systems. It helps users control RFID-based devices for tag reading and writing. 

Click Reply Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For any queries, email [email protected]
phonePhone: Users from the United Kingdom can call support at +44 (0) 207 730 6000. Additional international support numbers are also available on its contact page.
schoolTraining: It does not offer training options.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing option is not available.

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