Benefits and Insights

Why use Astro WMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of Astro WMS

  • Full traceability, high accuracy and optimizing online in real-time all leads to increased competitiveness. 
  • Astro WMS works equally well with various picking technologies such as vehicle mounted computers, PDAs or voice control. It is easy to integrate Voice Control and RFID and similar tools with Astro WMS. 
  • Astro WMS might be the most skilled warehouse management system for both manual and automated processes. 
  • The system serves for a higher fill factor and guarantees 100% control over all objects from picking to shipping. The order with the highest priority is always picked first. You decide how to prioritise. 
  • Astro WMS is easily integrated with your ERP system. A better overview of the entire flow will also give you much shorter response times to changes in demand. We always guarantee a complete process from order to operation.When it comes to measuring and visualization of key performance indexes this warehouse management system is in the front line. Take advantage of our dashboards and other innovative management tools.