Benefits and Insights

Why use Voicefox?

Key differentiators & advantages of Voicefox

Automatically record your meetings, even as an attendee:
- Voicefox dials in as a silent attendee and records the entire meeting.
- Records exactly what you see, including web-cam and screen-share.
- Automatically post recordings to Slack, or email attendees right after the meeting.

Review an hour-long call within minutes:
- Playback entire video at different speeds.
- Play segments only by a specific speaker.
- Search and play sentences where a keyword was mentioned.
- Browse thumbnails of all the slides presented and jump to a specific slide.

Easily save key takeaways and share as notes:
- During the meeting, click on the bookmark button on your phone.
- Voicefox rewinds to the beginning of the sentence and saves the sentence.
- At the end of meeting, receive a timestamped transcription of your bookmarks.
- Edit the notes and easily share on Slack, Chatter or via email.

Search and spot trends across all your meetings:
- Search for keywords – spoken or presented in a slide.
- Search by speakers or attendees.
- Understand trending topics across.
-Uncover unwanted biases – people showing up late, gender or title biases.