Benefits and Insights

Why use vRoute?

Key differentiators & advantages of vRoute

- Cost saver: Save 40% logistics costs of labour and fuels, with proven ROI.
- Complete integration: vRoute can be integrated seamlessly with any of your existing systems like ERP/TMS/WMS/DMS.
- Comprehensive solution: Optimize routes with one click, geo-track fleets in real-time, and digitize the end-to-end delivery process.
- Localized features: Resolve all business constraints uniquely for ASEAN markets such as bike/truck delivery, store locations, or time window.
- Web & Mobile System: A web-based app is designed for managers, and an easy-to-use mobile app is designed for deliverymen.
- Automated optimal routing: Our algorithm handles multiple business constraints including bike delivery, customer locations, load capacities, time window, driving preferences.
- Real-time dispatching: vRoute allows you to monitor real-time delivery progress anywhere, anytime, re-route automatically when there is a change request.
- Interactive Dashboard: Interactive dashboard with beautifully detailed reports about delivery progress, deliverymen's performance, and customers' stores.