Benefits and Insights

Why use uRoute?

Key differentiators & advantages of uRoute

  • Two-Way Communication: It provides seamless and reliable communication between the carrier and shipper. This way, both parties can share and receive regular shipment-related updates. 
  • Broker Commissions: It enables the carrier and shipper to establish a direct communication link between themselves. This helps eliminate the need for a broker and thus saves commission expenses. 
  • Budget Load: Optimized shipment transportation reduces the costs incurred by the shipper and carrier. 
  • Software Interface: The web-based interface of this suite is easy to use. 
  • Delivery Optimization: Carrier management done through uRoute encompasses multiple locations for shipments and deliveries from a multi-carrier network, speeding up delivery optimization. 
  • Improved Efficiency By Reporting: uRoute helps collect useful data and converts it into reports that are easy to understand and interpret. These reports help improve the overall operational efficiency of the firm. 
  • 60 Days Free Trial: The platform offers a free trial for 60 days so users can be sure about the usability of uRoute before purchasing it. The package contains full features, complementary training, support and no implementation charges. 
  • Quicker Deliveries: Clients can opt for air shipment functionality offered by the suite. This can be a great option in cases where speed is a priority. 

Industry Expertise

uRoute is built to serve small, midsize and large shipping businesses in major industries.

Key Features

  • In-Depth Visibility: Live location feature offers in-depth visibility about the shipment’s real-time location and arrival time. Shipment locations can be tracked for fleets with LTL, IM and TL, all from a single platform. 
  • Billing & Invoice Audit: Lets the user track all bills and invoices digitally so the original tender can be conveniently audited. 
  • Freight Optimization: Optimized routes, along with direct sales and purchase order updates from the ERR, help optimize freight. It also allows users to fetch sales and purchase order feeds directly from ERP. 
  • Carrier Management: Valuable carrier intelligence is only a few clicks away, and it gives users the capabilities to add and remove carriers and their KPIs from personal networks. 
  • Bid Management:  uRoute enables users to save time and money and eliminate phone calls and emails through its bid management functionality. Users can choose the bid with the lowest price from a single location and save on unnecessary costs. 
  • RFQ Development: Using the software, users can create, lock and stay updated over multiple lanes and carrier pricing for specified time periods. 
  • Air Shipping: uRoute enables users to ship goods from one place to another via domestic and international air shipments. 

uRoute Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: uRoute software provides support options. However, you have to access them through a customer login.
phonePhone: Phone support options are locked behind a customer login.
schoolTraining: Training options are locked behind a customer login.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are are locked behind a customer login.

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