Benefits and Insights

Why use Roadnet?

Key differentiators & advantages of Roadnet

  • Seamless Information Transfer: It allows for centralized management of routes, cargo and dispatching. 
  • Better Asset Utilization: Better usage of existing resources facilitates helps deliver more while driving less. 
  • Application Integration: All data is transferred between the modules, which can be used by several people, streamlining the setup, application installation process and operational maintenance. 
  • Delivery Management: The vehicle driver is provided with a manifest that encompasses a list of daily stops, arrivals, departures and service delivery times. Additionally, it enables the dispatcher to add new stops and change routes in order to handle exceptions. 
  • Report Generation: Numerous reports can be quickly generated and customized to account for different factors such as available information and business-specific needs. 
  • Operational Controls Through Pre-Decided Plans: Pre-decided expectations for loaders and drivers resulting from better operational controls save time, money and resources. 

Industry Expertise

Roadnet Transportation Management offers fleet/transportation solutions for paper, propane and oil, fuel, spirits and wine, recycling, solid waste, dairy, bakery, healthcare, food service, and beverage industries.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: Unlike other similar suites on the market, the Roadnet Transportation Management suite offers real-time vehicle tracking. 
  • Mobile-Friendly Application for iOS: It has a mobile-friendly application that is usable on internet-enabled iOS devices. 
  • Geofence Enhancements: Offers the user the ability to create geofences with additional custom shapes. These give the customer higher flexibility in setting specified stop parameters. 
  • Create and Optimize Multi-Day Routes: Routes can be planned in advance, created and optimized for multiple days of transportation. 

Roadnet Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: To raise a ticket or query over email, send questions to [email protected] and/or [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone support is available by calling (800) 541-7490 during regular business hours.