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Why use MercuryGate?

Key differentiators & advantages of MercuryGate

  • Leverage the Cloud: MercuryGate is a cloud-based solution that makes upgrading and scaling simple. Stay moving without extended shutdowns to integrate new software upgrades and keep your important documentation safely stored in the cloud. 
  • Use Any Transport Method: Any transportation method can be effectively managed with MercuryGate. Anything from parcel, truckload, rail, air and intermodal can work with this management platform. 
  • Better Visibility: MercuryGate gives users complete visibility into critical transportation processes. With constantly updated information, clients can view every important aspect of their shipments down to container and SKU level. More available information creates better planning and informed decision making from managers. 
  • Faster Carrier Location: As the driver shortage continues to affect the transportation industry, finding carriers that meet capacity can be difficult. MercuryGate displays preferred carriers according to lane while helping users locate carriers that have compatible capacity. 
  • Stay On Top of Global Regulations: MercuryGate supports multi-leg and multimodal shipments while keeping you within compliance with global trade regulations. Access to multiple languages, currencies and units of measure helps keep organizations running smoothly despite common barriers between nations. 
  • Scale As You Grow: Supply chains are constantly growing to meet expanding customer demand. MercuryGate grows alongside your operation and keeps you competitive in a changing global transportation environment. 

Industry Expertise

MercuryGate has been adopted by many supplies chains across the globe. Some of their partners include Access America Transports and ADLI Logistics.

Key Features

  • 3PL Support: MercuryGate, while suitable for most companies, includes functionalities to help 3PL providers run operations they are in charge of. Manage multiple transportation methods for multiple clients with a suite of 3PL enabled tools. 
  • Routing: Finding optimal transportation routes not only saves time and money but keeps clients happy. Optimized route finding cuts down on fuel expenditures and gets products to clients as quickly as possible.  
  • Customer Management: Keeping clients happy is vital to supply chain health, and deep visibility into transportation helps keep them informed. Clients can put their worries to rest with up to date information on where their product is and when it is scheduled to arrive.
  • Scheduling: Stay on top of your shipments with MercuryGate’s scheduling feature makes sure your products are on the move at the right time. Pair up the right driver or pilot with your cargo and get your good to your customers on time. 
  • Billing and Invoicing: Automate time-consuming billing processes and cut down on human error associated with manual data entry. Pay commissions, invoices, and audit costs with MercuryGates billing features. 

MercuryGate Suite Support

MercuryGate provides multiple avenues of support to help resolve issues:
mail_outlineEmail: MercuryGate email support is available for lower priority issues like tuning configuration settings.
phonePhone: For higher priority issues, phone support is available 24 hours a day - though this is mainly used for critical issues like downed or very slow systems.
schoolTraining: Classes are available at MercuryGate’s headquarters as well as through their online training portal WebEx. Courses cover material useful to users of any skill level.
local_offerTickets: Clients with ACE accounts can log in and submit support tickets to the Customer Support Team and work with them for a resolution.

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