Benefits and Insights

Why use Manhattan TMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of Manhattan TMS

  • Reduce Cost of Shipping: For shippers, improved planning and execution of transportation, an optimized fleet and organized warehouse management help reduce the cost of shipping. 
  • Improve Operational Transparency: This suite can strategically overcome limitations that are generally faced by shippers in an ERP system. Through dynamic management, control and visibility, higher transparency is achievable in shipment management. 
  • Manage Dedicated and Private Fleets: Fleet operators who use outside or internal carrier services can effectively manage their fleets with end-to-end transportation support. 
  • Automate Scheduling of Appointments: It enables shipment carriers to schedule their deliveries and shipment pick-up appointments, depending upon the capacity and load-type details. Automation helps minimize unnecessary wastage of time and encourages error-free communications. 
  • Optimized Yard Operations: It enables users to gain improved visibility over the inbound and outbound flow of goods in the warehouse and yard. Thus, yard operations can be optimized, resulting in optimized usage of warehouse capacity and reduced storage costs. 
  • Improved Operational Flexibility: Manhattan’s transport modeling suite uses planning tool sets as well as machine learning. These features help achieve improved flexibility and get rid of complexity in day-to-day operations. 
  • Consistent Network Optimization: Historic, forecasted and other statistics help drive specific sophisticated simulations that help validate and optimize all possible scenarios. This leads to consistent optimizations throughout the transportation networks. 
  • Better Decisions: Manhattan Associate TMS enables decision-makers to precisely analyze the entire transportation network and align resources in the best possible way, helping make better transport policy decisions. 
  • Optimal Execution: Simulation modeling of transportation routes helps planners remove unnecessary tasks related to troubleshooting issues and enables them to focus on tactical and strategic planning. This results in optimal execution day in and out. 
  • Decrease Handling and Transit Times: Planning the entire process and executing it with the help of numerous handy tools and data insights helps decrease handling and transit times. 
  • Less Empty Miles: This suite enables users to match their fleet drivers with the most appropriate loads across the transport network. Doing this in real-time, with a constant back up of crucial data, helps decrease empty miles and maximize equipment utilization. 

Industry Expertise

Manhattan Associate TMS has a diverse range of industry experience. It has several clients coming from grocery, food and beverage, manufacturing, retails and fashion retail, the wholesale industry and more.

Key Features

  • Smart Transportation Modeling: It empowers users with solutions that help implement important changes to business models while observing their impacts. 
  • Transportation Procurement: The system supports logistics and enables users to source contracts, manage bids and automate procurement, streamlining the bidding process. 
  • Fleet Management: Manhattan TMS boosts fleet efficiency with features focused on safety and compliance. It also leverages machine learning and analytics to support better decision making. 
  • Carrier Management: It provides a comprehensive set of solutions that help maximize driver and customer satisfaction while ensuring that asset utilization and operational costs remain low. 
  • Audit, Bills and Claims: This tool helps maximize savings by transforming automated sources and varied data manuals into one single freight invoice database. 
  • Shipping Planning and Execution: Manhattan Associates transportation management suite offers robust, connectable and scalable solutions to help plan, optimize and execute operations. 
  • Driver Support: This software suite offers maximum support to fleet drivers to help them with all kinds of communication, including dispatch. 
  • Load Analyzer: The load analyzer function helps users analyze and accordingly balance delivery loads across multiple shifts, resources and fleets throughout the entire transport and supply chain. 
  • Invoice Management: It enables fleet owners and clients to manage all invoices and their reconciliation through telemechanics or by a carrier portal. 
  • Customer Training: Training is offered to new and existing customers in a structured learning environment. This enables them to gather knowledge about configuration, solution use, system administration and implementation. 

Manhattan Associates TMS Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available, but it is locked behind a customer paywall.
phonePhone: Users can call for customer support at +1 (877)756-7435 and sales support at +1(877)596-9208.
schoolTraining: For inquiries regarding scheduling and attending training programs, reach out to +1 (770)955-7070, with extension 2000.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are not available.