Benefits and Insights

Why use Logility?

Key differentiators & advantages of Logility

  • Improve Planning: Logility contains tools that streamline supply chain planning and provides a single platform through which users can see where and what needs producing to create high-quality stock. Planning time can also be cut down with Logility’s Integrated Business Planning functions. 
  • Increase Accuracy: Logility’s inventory and warehouse management functions help organize stock and can raise picking, packing and shipping accuracy by up to 99%. 
  • Reduce Costs: Logility’s logistics tools support supply chain processes and can reduce the appearance of costly budget impacting errors. By using the transportation management features of this software suite, inbound and outbound shipping costs can be lowered by as much as 30%. 
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Higher accuracy and better planning allow clients to better serve their customer bases. Logility includes a high degree of data visibility that can be used to make informed planning decisions that increase accuracy, speed up processes and keep customers up-to-date on shipping locations and stock amounts. 
  • Leverage the Cloud: This software solution allows clients to choose how they wish to deploy the solution. Clients can choose between an on-premise, hosted or SaaS deployment. Cloud-based solutions provide updates without interruption and safe storage for important documentation. 

Industry Expertise

Logility is used for many complex operations spanning the globe. Some of its partners include UPS, Verizon and Ralph Lauren.

Key Features

  • Analytics: Logility leverages complex machine learning, AI and other simulations to automate planning and give insight into supply chain data and functionality. These analytics allow users to plan across large multi-enterprise networks and other complex operations.  
  • Inventory Optimization:  Logility’s inventory optimization features can help reduce inventory by up to 30%. Accelerate inventory turns while cutting down on carrying costs and discovering the best stocking locations and sizes of buffers for inventory. Users can leverage algorithms and machine learning to create strong inventory policies.   
  • Demand Optimization: Logility can help users deploy optimal inventory based on changes occurring in daily demand, while also lowering the amount of inventory needed to meet customer service requirements. Demand can be attributed to specific customers, and non-essential inventory can be eliminated to further reduce carrying costs.
  • Lifecycle Management: Gaining full visibility into projects allows an unprecedented amount of control over the life cycle of an operation. Financial plans can be put into place so that projects meet their revenue goals, and users can plan to source by vendor and region. 
  • Sourcing Management: RFQs (requests for quote) can be created, and participating vendors can be chosen based on criteria that the user sets. Suppliers on the global market can be compared to one other and be issued RFQs. Vendor onboarding can be optimized to aid in vetting factories to mitigate risk. 
  • Supply Optimization: Supply Planning from Logility can be leveraged to optimize sourcing and production. Replenishment can be automated, and a realistic view of a model supply chain can be set and viewed for a beneficial bird’s eye view. 

Logility Suite Support

Logility offers multiple ways for clients to seek help for any issues they come across:
mail_outlineEmail: Emails can be sent to Logility’s customer support email address and will be answered in a timely manner.
phonePhone: Logility provides a customer support number for clients to call in and discuss issues. Clients can also call in to share their screens with technicians to help troubleshoot problems.
schoolTraining: Logility University provides educational opportunities for users of all types. Casual and veteran users alike can sign up for courses to further expand their capabilities.
local_offerTickets: Submit tickets through Logility’s customer support website. Tickets are responded to as quickly as possible.

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