Benefits and Insights

Why use Blujay TMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of Blujay TMS

  • Carrier Networking: BluJay TMS provides a network of over 40,000 carriers and partners through its Global Trade Network. You can leverage this solution to connect with the right partner to optimize and streamline your transportation processes. 
  • Increased Visibility: Gain actionable intelligence through BluJay’s visibility tools and give users a control tower view of all processes. Users can leverage efficient workflows and automate processes with accessible role-based interfaces. 
  • Better Parcel Control: The system gives users visibility and control of shipments as they move through the supply chain. It also provides international customers with reliable and cost-effective shipping. The program integrates shipping solutions with existing material handling systems to streamline your workflows. 
  • Cloud-Based Advantages: As a cloud-based platform, BluJay TMS receives real-time updates without slowdown, provides mobile access, allows for easy retrieval of documents and files and more. The cloud-based deployment strategy also provides extra storage and security for your business-critical documents. 
  • Improved Mobility: The MobileSTAR app is available on iOS and Android as a standalone last-mile solution. Leverage this application to give customers the power and control they need over their shipments and turn them into return clients. You can access the full Global Trade Network from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Support All Modes: BluJay TMS supports all modes of transportation to give supply chains the options they need to stay agile. 
  • Connect With SAP: SAP clients can leverage compliance and customs tools that easily integrate with other SAP platforms.  

Industry Expertise

BluJay TMS is a widely adopted transportation automation platform with over 50,000 customers, freight forwarders, suppliers and carriers across the globe. They recently acquired CSF Solutions, based in Germany.

Key Features

  • Transportation Management: BluJay TMS provides the industry’s first single instance, multi-tenant, cloud-based platform for transportation management. Various deployment models, along with a comprehensive network of partners, help give users a competitive edge. The included Global Trade Network lets users handle customs management and product classification quicker than ever before. 
  • Yard Management: Efficiently optimize and manage trailers in the yard. Get a clear understanding of the location of your shipments across the entirety of the supply chain, including the yard with this solution. 
  • Warehouse Management: An organized and efficient warehouse is critical to successful transportation management. BluJay TMS optimizes the flow of products through warehouses while cutting costs across the supply chain. It enables you to deliver value-added services and improve how you move and track goods. 
  • BluDex: The included BluDex freight rate index gives users tools to identify risks brought on by lower rates and tender acceptance. Users can determine which regions, lanes and shipments are not within compliance. The system aggregates real-world trucking rates for study from anonymous transactions. 
  • Fleet Management: Optimize the daily planning of shipments, see which routes are the most cost-effective, gain visibility into KPIs and more with BluJay TMS. Users can leverage interactive maps to see where drivers are and how far away from their deliveries they may be. 
  • Customs Management: Multi-country customs support simplifies moving products across borders. Users can enter customs information through an accessible and simple format regardless of the product’s end destination. Users can also leverage automatic notifications from customs officials to keep track of product as it passes through borders. 
  • BluJay DropShip: Retailers and e-commerce companies can add new suppliers and products to avoid stock-outs with the DropShip feature. This automated process includes integrations with the Parcel module for an end-to-end e-commerce experience. 
  • Compliance Tools: BluJay’s Denied Party Screening tool provides proactive and transactional screening, greater visibility into possible compliance issues and automatic updates that keep users in step with changing laws. 

BluJay Solutions Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Support is available 24/7 after the purchase of a license and login credentials are provided for the Enterprise Support Portal. Regional support is available as well.
phonePhone: Around the clock support is available after the purchase of a license with login through the Enterprise Support Portal. Regional support is available as well.
schoolTraining: Users can maximize the value of their software purchase with classes at BluJay University. Experts in supply chain software run these courses. Users can view course schedules, check out course synopses and sign up for on-demand training online.
local_offerTickets: Online ticket submission for incidents and tech support is available after the purchase of a license. This is done by logging in to the Enterprise Support Portal.