Benefits and Insights

Why use Agistix?

Key differentiators & advantages of Agistix

  • Overview of All Transactions: This software suite comes with a command center that houses all transactional data, including inbound/outbound shipments and orders, across all modes, service phases and levels and geographies. 
  • Anticipate Issues: It provides its clients with automatic alerts and aggregates data in real-time to help managers make informed choices and take action quickly. 
  • Quick Start: The average time it takes for a user to get started and running with Agistix is 4 to 6 weeks. 
  • Complete Visibility: Even when thousands of shipments are taking place at a single moment, Agistix enables users to monitor, measure, manage and track all shipments in real-time, all through a single screen. 
  • Quick Data Access: Using this suite, users can look up the details regarding any shipment in a few clicks. 
  • Transactional Visibility: It enables the user to check transactions that do not meet set quantified standards. 
  • Drives Results: The Agistix platform enables industry leaders to optimize their shipping process throughout the supply chain. Some users have witnessed a 25% or more cost reduction.  
  • Highly Adjustable: The software suite can enhance and support all operational workflows within an organization. It adjusts based on operational processes and systems and can support simple or sophisticated needs. 
  • No IT Needed: Agistix offers ease of understanding and usage to its clients. Due to its easy configurability, companies do not need to onboard IT resources to their team to experience its benefits. 
  • 30-Day Trial: Agistix offers a free trial package to selected qualified customers, which can help them decide whether it can fulfill their business’s unique requirements. The complimentary package includes a max of two data feed integrations, a customized and branded customer tracking app, login, reports and dashboards, and one day consulting after 30 days. 

Industry Expertise

Agistix has served industries in the order and transportation management, global supply chain visibility and execution, inbound, international and 3rd party shipping, lane health and freight spend analytics, reporting and data visualization, supply chain flexibility, carrier and supplier performance analytics industries and more.

Key Features

  • Supply Chain Performance Management: Agistix gives a precise view of critical data and figures in real-time. This enables users to set data-driven priorities for supply chain-related tasks and improvements. 
  • Legacy Tech Support: Whether it is a sophisticated or a basic operational system, regardless of the type, Agistix leverages APIs and EDI to ensure the user is connected to their partners. 
  • Analytics: The software suite provides data insights to its users that boosts data-driven decision making throughout the supply chain. 
  • Free Version: Agistix provides a trial version of their software for qualified customers. The free version lets users integrate up to 10 high volume accounts and two data feeds. It also lets users leverage reports and brandable dashboards. One full day of consultation and an hour of debriefing is also included. 
  • Transactional Information: Agistix lets users have access to a command center that shows all partner transactions of customers in detail. This in-depth information includes shipments as well as outbound and inbound orders, at all service levels, modes and geographical locations. 
  • Automatic Triggers and Alerts: Users have access to aggregated data, reports and charts. Automated triggers and alerts are sent to users so that concerning areas can be addressed and dealt with before it's too late. 
  • Performance Measurement: The platform enables users to measure supply chain performance and the results of changes past changes. Users also have the option to let stakeholders access the data. 

Agistix Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can reach out to their support team at [email protected] or [email protected]
phonePhone: Clients can call for customer support at +1-888-244-7849.
schoolTraining: Users can access the Resources tab on Agistix’s website for whitepapers and datasheets detailing product usage.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing information is not available.