Benefits and Insights

Why use Zeus Time and Attendance?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zeus Time and Attendance

  • Flexible working times will have a motivational effect on your workforce, giving you a competitive advantage and your employees a positive work/life balance. A Time & Attendance solution from ISGUS enables you to define the most flexible work patterns necessary for a successful performance and business structure. Web based workflows for Employee-self-service provide information and process data in a transparent and economically viable manner. There is no more need for paperwork or time consuming procedures.
  • Your administrative routine tasks, organisational procedures and integration of business systems are simplified with a proven reduction in costs and increased efficiencies. Our Time & Attendance systems will always keep you up to date.
  • With an ISGUS Time & Attendance solution the intuitive report generator provides relevant information to both management and employees. The personal bookings journal or the user-definable totals summary and statistics are available with a single mouse click.
  • Our Time & Attendance solutions offer a wide range of interfaces for all standard payroll programs, to personal information systems and ERP solutions.
  • Employees can retrieve at any time and in real-time up to date information from the online ISGUS Time & Attendance terminals, via the web or via e-mail. Our Time & Attendance Management solutions are popular, helping to manage work/life balances and are well accepted by employees.

Pricing for Time and Attendance Software