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Key differentiators & advantages of uAttend

  • Eliminate Manual Errors: Automating your time and attendance process eliminates the need for paper and calculators, saving time and avoiding human error. 
  • Work in a User-Friendly System: The cloud deployment, app and simple user interface create a straightforward user experience. 
  • Empower Employees: Employees can clock in from any job site and have easy access to information such as how many vacation days they have left. Employees can sign off using their timecards anywhere they have access to the app. 
  • Punch in Anywhere: You can approve remote punch-ins from your smartphone and create geolocation parameters for employees using the mobile app. 
  • Improve Communication: The platform allows managers to send messages to employees through the time clock for secure viewing. It also supports the option to receive text or email alerts when employees punch in and out. 
  • Stay Compliant: You can set automatic break times to ensure your company is following labor regulations. 

Industry Expertise

UAttend automates time and attendance management for small- to medium-sized businesses. The system can be used by companies whose employees work in the field or telecommute. Business News Daily named uAttend as the best time and attendance system for very small offices in 2019.

Key Features

  • Punch-in Capabilities: Users can punch in onsite with fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID card reader or PIN. You can monitor who’s on the clock from your laptop, computer or smartphone. 
  • Time Card Management: UAttend lets you review, approve and tally digital time cards. It supports pay period configuration and the creation of unlimited departments to group employees. 
  • Data Export: You can calculate, review and approve employee hours, and then export to leading payroll systems, such as ADP, Paychex and QuickBooks. 
  • Reports: The system enables you to track and review jobs tracked to see details of work performed. You can also run reports on punches, time cards and pay periods. 
  • Employee Features: The solution allows employees to make time-off requests via the time clock or cloud. They can punch in via a smartphone, website or touchtone dial. 

uAttend Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Send emails to [email protected]
phonePhone: Call 800-518-8925 and press 2 or text 760-278-6623.
schoolTraining: The setup wizard guides you through the steps to get the system up and running.

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