Benefits and Insights

Why use TimeTrax?

Key differentiators & advantages of TimeTrax

  • Increased Employee Organization: Managers can organize and track workers better through automatic punch-in and punch-out tracking, with flagging for discrepancies. Employees can be grouped into departments for simpler management. 
  • Reduce Costs: A one-time fee for just software or a time clock and software gets time and attendance solutions out of the expense report right away. Depending on the product purchased, it will save a business money vs. a competitor in as little as two months. 
  • Flexible Security: A variety of time clock options give employers the ability to balance ease of access and security. Businesses can use PIN, biometric, badge or fob verification. 
  • Streamline Payroll: It manages payroll issues like overtime with guidelines like rounding rules and employee pay classification, then allows for easy export to a payroll provider. 

Industry Expertise

Pyramid Time Systems has been in the time clock business since 1969. Its products serve all industries, with clients in sectors such as payroll, finance, and condominium management.

Key Features

  • Timecards: Managers can view, approve and edit timecards before processing payroll. The solution flags off-schedule punches for review. 
  • Reports: It includes 17 standard reporting templates, including payroll, management and termination. These reports can be exported in PDF formats. Additional templates are available through upgrades. 
  • Payroll Export: Punch data can be converted into paychecks through integration with multiple payroll providers such as ADP, Intuit QuickBooks and Fidelity. 
  • Time Clock Variety: It provides manual time clocks with PIN, badge reading and fingerprint scanning capabilities. 
  • Employee Grouping: Workers can be sorted by pay group or department, streamlining organization. 
  • Overtime and Bonus Hours Management: Managers can set up custom overtime rules and automatically log them. Special pay rates for holidays and bonus hours can be used. 

TimeTrax Suite Support

Pyramid Time Systems offers free customer and technical support for the first 90 days, then allows service options for purchase.

mail_outlineEmail: Technical support can be reached through email at [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone support can be reached at 888.479.7264 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday.
schoolTraining: The vendor offers FAQ and tutorials on its website, covering functions like sorting employee pay class or integrating with a payroll provider. These are free of charge.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit a ticket through the vendor’s website. Its form requests name, company, email, phone and comments.

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