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Key differentiators & advantages of stratustime

  • Stay on Top of Compliance and Risk Management: The service ensures businesses stay up to date on changes in legal compliance with a behind-the-scenes team of 60 people focused solely on risk management and monitoring legal and regulatory changes at every level. The platform has a module for tracking ACA compliance. 
  • Manage the Past and Future: Employers can manage in retrospect and plan ahead, as it reports on all aspects of a timecard during previous pay periods. This includes time clock disparities, shift substitutions, projecting future employee hours, tracking paid time off and benefits, and enabling scheduling with two-way communication between workers and bosses. 
  • Increase Employee Management and Accountability: It reduces time theft and time clock fraud through a series of accountability features, such as geofencing and facial recognition. The system also has a built-in framework for tracking employee tardiness by giving late employees “points” that bosses can interpret easily. 
  • Easy and Accessible: The platform is intuitive and easy to use. A web-based, mobile-friendly portal is accessible from most devices. 
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device Support: Employee flexibility is increased by relying on a web-based punch clock and resources portal. Employees also do not need an internet connection for some punch clock tasks and can log business miles in-platform. 

Industry Expertise

Stratustime was one of the first time and attendance software to move completely to the cloud, doing so in 2008. Its merging with Paychex in 2014 gave it direct access to a top payroll provider, building the system’s credibility in that department.

Key Features

  • Time Forecasting: Employers can get ahead of payroll expenses and control overtime through the service’s ability to project out hours during a pay period. 
  • Points Tracking: Employee accountability is increased by quantifying tardiness through the service’s points tracking system. Workers are given a determined number of points for specified intervals of absenteeism that can be easily reviewed. 
  • Geofencing: GPS tracking means employees can only clock-in or clock-out from specified locations, and employers can see where those punches originate. 
  • Scheduling: Employers can build schedules based on employee-input availability, with insight on who’s approaching overtime. Employees can request shift changes through the platform. 
  • Cloud Deployment: Data is stored on a primary server as well as a backup. Cloud hosting means changes to schedules and reporting is made available in real time. 
  • Paychex and Other Integrations: Paychex owns nettime solutions, and has seamless integration with the platform for easy payroll export. The product also integrates with more than 60 other payroll providers. 


  •  No mobile app — customers must log in through the browser 
  •  Customer reviews have noted a tendency for the clock to get knocked offline easily 

stratustime Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available at support@nettimesolutions, but the vendor recommends utilizing phone support for immediate/urgent assistance.
phonePhone: Phone support is available at 480-296-0374, and is the vendor’s preferred method of urgent assistance.
schoolTraining: Training is not directly provided, but the vendor’s blog offers training on a multitude of topics, often through the eyes of the product’s features, which help explain how to use them.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted through the vendor’s website.

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