Benefits and Insights

Why use Paywell?

Key differentiators & advantages of Paywell

  • Increased Accountability: It allows for complete transparency in the organization by tracking which users are making transactions, pulling reports or adding, deleting or changing data. In the case of errors, you can quickly discover the source and take the appropriate action. 
  • Easier to Log In: Users have fewer points of contact—and therefore fewer passwords to memorize—due to its ability to be integrated with HR and EDP systems that use MS SQL servers. 
  • Increased Compliance Accuracy: It can remove the guesswork from compliance with automatically updating tax rules. 
  • Better Reliability: With automation, there’s no more uncertainty about when money will be submitted to employee bank accounts. In addition, it can also handle different compensation structures like hourly, weekly, once every two weeks, monthly or by term. 
  • Greater Efficiency: Free up time and resources that would otherwise be spent tracking down data from various different documents and systems 

Industry Expertise

Paywell has over 30 years of experience in the industry. What began as a mainframe look-alike, is now compensation software with customizable parameters that can follow different models and decision-making logic. The product is compatible with MS-DOS, UNIX, AIX, VAX and other networks.

Key Features

  • Payroll Management: It can manage the incomes of up to 50 members and an unlimited amount of organizations, manual payments, interim pay runs and several pay frequencies or pay cycles. This includes contributions, benefits, balances, earnings and more.
  • Decision-Making Ability: Through its use of Boolean logic, it makes the calculations necessary to handle decision-making processes. 
  • Dual Currency: Send income in U.S. dollars while accounting in South African rand (ZAR). 
  • Location-Specific Rules: The customization options give it the ability to add statutory rules for different regions. For example, users can combine HR status to compensation data for the information needed for an audit under the Employment Equity Act.
  • Pay and Employee Report: Send password-protected paystubs via email in PDF format so employees can track income. Paystubs can automatically transfer to other previously defined locations if needed.
  • Transfers: Transfering functions enable you to send people from one budget to another in the event of a job change.
  • Third-Party Data: In cases such as wage garnishment or debt, more than one person can access an account. This includes the ability to pull reports.
  • Reward Management: The application calculates commissions, paid leave, bonuses and other bonus compensation.
  • Labor Cost: It calculates labor costs with reporting on overhead, allocations for supervisors, split labor and other resources.
  • User Selection: The system can group users by different factors including benefits, union, tax authority, employment status (temporary or permanent), pension fund or other user factors.
  • Auditing Reports: Managers can track down exactly who has been running a program and print a report of their activity. This is especially important for audit purposes. 
  • Centralized Data: By automatically downloading information from spreadsheets, graphics, letters and other accounting tools, it creates a unified, secure location for data. 

Paywell Support

Paywell support can be reached by email at [email protected] or telephone at (27) 11-453-8841. Each customer gets an individual support consultant. This consultant is a long-time employee with at least 12 years of experience who provides assistance via telephone, email, onsite, or by remote access on TeamViewer. After-hours appointments are set up ahead of time.

mail_outlineEmail: It offers email support at [email protected]
phonePhone: Support can be reached by phone at (27) 11-453-8841 or fax at (27) 11-453-7875.
schoolTraining: A support consultant is assigned to each customer.
local_offerTickets: It’s unclear if there’s a ticketing system.

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