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Why use ClockShark?

Key differentiators & advantages of ClockShark

  • Ends Clock-In Ambiguity: Ends time loss and theft by providing several means of employee accountability, stopping time clock “rounding” and other dishonest time tracking methods. 
  • GPS-Based Accountability: Ensures that employees stay on task and location with a series of location-based features, including geofencing and automation, from their smartphone. Employers can check an employee's whereabouts at any point during their shift, not just at clock-in and clock-out. 
  • Simplified Employee Organization: Simplifies assignments and task fulfillment with easy-to-use scheduling and project tracking modules. Employees can be broken down into tasks, departments and locations to organize data. 
  • Better Payroll Management: Payroll filing is streamlined through export options. Automates paid time-off tracking and produces more accurate timesheets by eliminating timecard dishonesty. 
  • Ideal for Off-Premises Companies: Streamlines the management of all employees from one centralized platform, whether a business has one location, a new worksite every week, or several franchised hubs. 

Industry Expertise

ClockShark was founded by a duo of construction company owners and built to be an alternative to their paper timecard woes. Since the service’s development, it added additional features and grew a customer base beyond its field service/construction beginnings to more than 4,500 businesses. Other clients work in the health care, real estate, accounting and event management industries and more.

Key Features

  • Location Tracking: GPS locations can be checked while an employee is clocked in, and it permanently records location at punch-in and punch-out. The geofencing feature alerts an employee to clock-in or clock-out if they forget to do so. 
  • Scheduling: Assign schedules and make changes with a simple drag-and-drop UI. Employees can access work schedules at any time. 
  • Job and Task Assigning: Managers can describe tasks within the schedule and outline them for employees. Job location and travel route to a worksite can be provided in-app. 
  • Platform Support: Supports both Android and iOS, in addition to web-based portals for desktops, making ClockShark accessible to field and desk workers alike. 
  • Supervisor Clock-In: A crew leader can send clock-in/out notifications to employees. Simplifies time tracking efforts and accounts for remote workers that don’t own a smartphone. 
  • Paid Time Off Incorporation: The “Pro” level subscription allows for paid time off tracking. Employers can set paid time off policies, and team members can view their PTO status and request leave. 
  • Payroll Exporting:  Time tracking data can be aggregated and exported to Excel, CSV or an integrated payroll provider like Intuit QuickBooks. 


  •  No desktop application, but provides a web-based interface 
  •  Inability to add time after it has passed 
  •  Automatic employee mapping isn't available unless employees are created in QuickBooks first 
  •  Tracking time off is an additional upcharge 

ClockShark Suite Support

ClockShark includes support cost in the price of subscription, including phone, email and chat support.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available at [email protected]
phonePhone: Customers in the U.S. can call 1-800-828-0689 for phone support seven days a week, with differing hours of availability depending on the day. International customers are asked to email the address listed above to schedule a support call.
schoolTraining: Depending on the user’s subscription plan, setup and onboarding assistance can be provided. The vendor’s site includes help, documentation and FAQ sections, with a series of articles outlining specific tasks.
local_offerTickets: Support tickets may be submitted through the vendor’s website.

ClockShark Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

1253 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User-Friendly: It is easy to install, configure and has a user-friendly interface, as observed by nearly 100% of reviewers who refer to ease of use.
  • Tracking: Eliminates timesheet requirements and promotes accurate and easy time tracking, as said by over 98% of users who referred to tracking.
  • Geofencing: Ensures employees clock in/clock out in their work areas and allows employers to check employee locations at any point during their shift, as noted by 90% of reviewers who mentioned the geofence feature.
  • Easy Payroll Processing: Nearly 100% of users who refer to easy payroll processing said that their integrations with accounting software and time tracking ensured accurate employee payments and proper client billing.
  • Customer Support: Offers fast and reliable customer support over chat, phone and video as observed by about 100% of reviewers who specify customer service.


  • Software Integration: Software integrations are limited and can also be tricky at times, as observed by 87% of reviewers who specify integration.
  • Mobile Battery Drainage: Almost 100% of users said that its mobile app drains phone battery when GPStrak is enabled.

Researcher's Summary:

ClockShark is a powerful, easy to use GPS time tracking application that reduces payroll costs and improves the efficiency of payroll processing. The geofencing feature ensures that employees are actually on the job site when they clock in. It also reminds employees to clock in/clock out at scheduled times. Reviewers said that it drains the phone battery when GPS is enabled, and software integration is limited and tricky at times. Overall, it eliminates cumbersome manual time tracking processes. Employees can log in via mobile devices or desktop, and automatically count work hours. Customer support is helpful and attentive to any questions.

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