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Why use ClockVIEW?

Key differentiators & advantages of ClockVIEW

  • You’ll have complete visibility with ClockVIEW’s reporting solutions. Our dashboards empower you to make informed real-time decisions, putting a wide array of analytics into action. Instant access for managers to report, query, and analyze enables your organization to manage and direct changing business needs, instead of just reacting to them.
  • Fingerscan clocks protect your business from time card fraud and verify identity with every punch. It registers employees’ fingers within seconds and virtually eliminates buddy punching. Integrates with all other time and attendance software.
  • We intimately know the stress. Processing payroll can be a challenge for both your staff and individuals in your company, and oftentimes every week. Interfacing smoothly with your payroll is key. ClockVIEW interfaces bidirectionally to payroll and HR software and easily automates pay period end. ClockVIEW creates an export as required by your payroll software or provider.
  • Error correction, tax penalties, and even legal disputes-they  all cost time and money. It’s labor-intensive, error-prone and costly. Why not achieve a return on investment within a few months rather years? With automation and accuracy, ClockVIEW cuts across your business with solutions, from eliminating buddy punching, time theft, and changing employee behavior around the clock.
  • As many as 5 minutes per employee, per day, are lost due to employee time theft, according to the American Payroll Association. That’s a lot of time. ClockVIEW helps virtually eliminate time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules. We eliminate buddy punching through using biometric time clocks.
  • Lots of companies these days overpay their employees—up to 10 percent of gross payroll simply because of human error and time theft. Acumen helps you stop losing and start saving. ClockVIEW eliminates calculation errors, automatically applies overtime policies, and keeps you in compliance with labor laws. 

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