SelectHub Highlighted as Technology Selection Driver in CIO Review

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The July 2015 issue of CIO Review Magazine, focused on IT procurement, highlights SelectHub as the foundation for a user-friendly Technology Selection Management service offered by progressive CIOs.

In his article covering characteristic difficulties in the technology selection process, Rob Meilen, VP & CIO of Hunter Douglas describes the increasing pressures on IT organizations to provide more business benefits, quicker than ever before—but reveals that standard selection and sourcing practices are falling short.

To combat a fragmented approach created by competing interests and disparate tools, Meilen prescribes a more scientific, real-time, multi-sourced process—a technology selection management service—driven by the SelectHub platform.

According to Meilen, this approach allows business stakeholders to evaluate, select and procure technology assets with the relevant transparency and governance built-in. The end result being a more collaborative, consensus-driven process; which caters to business urgency without compromising on the rigor required by IT, Finance, and Procurement.

He states that the process and SelectHub toolset leads to better requirements understanding, better buy-in from all stakeholders, and better selection and adoption of technology.

Get complete CIO article here.

Roy SempleSelectHub Highlighted as Technology Selection Driver in CIO Review

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