Benefits and Insights

Why use Performance Pro?

Key differentiators & advantages of Performance Pro

  • A Great Start to the Day - Know the progress of each of your staff within our employee performance management software. Your dashboard can be personalized to display calendar alerts, scheduled milestones, status alerts and updates.

  • Combine Accuracy and Diversity - Every position has specific, weighted evaluation factors assigned to each job title. Shared appraisals let up to two appraisers evaluate one employee and each employee can complete a self-appraisal.

  • Go Further with Your Employees - The goal library is included with Performance Pro at no additional cost and has hundreds of topically categorized and fully defined performance and professional development goals that you can incorporate into the evaluation process.

  • Versatility Is Our Middle Name - There are over 350 built-in, pre-loaded, customizable position profiles, performance factors and performance-level definitions. It also includes more than 250 complete job descriptions.

Pricing for Performance Management Systems