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Why use PeopleFluent?

Key differentiators & advantages of PeopleFluent

  • Improved Communication: With a clear way to share essential files, training materials, career paths and data on skill gaps and core competencies, it helps everyone in an organization stay on the same page.
  • Greater Equity and Transparency: It can handle compensation management payment, benefits and rewards in a transparent and fair process.
  • Better Employee Engagement: Executives can demonstrate their investment in their employees with development tools and can design bonus programs for better motivation.
  • Less Turnover: Development tools often help employees feel their company is investing in them. This makes them happier, increases productivity and decreases turnover.
  • Welcoming Company Culture: With tools that can aid in collaboration and communicate a higher vision, a company can use this to build an inclusive, inviting and welcoming company culture.
  • Easier to Find Assets: By centralizing data, important forms and training materials, it can provide easier access to everyone.

Industry Expertise

Originally known as PeopleClick, an equity firm acquired it for $100 million in 2010. It offers HR solutions and recently released a new version of its LMS, 15.1. Overall, it gained recognition for multiple industry analysts for improved workforce experience and efficiency. The 2019 Bersin Performance Management Solutions: Vendor Profiles report listed it as a major player. The research community has recognized it. This includes Gartner, IDC, Ventana Research and Aragon Research.

Key Features

  • Compensation Management: Managers can ensure they’re compensating employees transparently, equitably and in line with industry expectations. It also streamlines budgeting, the approval process and the creation of business models.
  • Cloud-Based: The solution is a Software-as-a-Service and provides access from multiple locations.
  • Implementation Consulting: It offers support staff to help new users integrate with previous systems and roll out new processes.
  • Career Paths: The platform can chart goals, progress and skills so employees understand how they fit into the organization and their future growth.
  • Succession Plan: This allows the company to address gaps in leadership while screening for potential management material.
  • Organizational Charts: It breaks down data for different offices, departments and teams. Users can see real-time insights on productivity and other activity in the office.
  • Integrations: The solution integrates with learning tech, diversity and inclusion programs and workforce management. This includes Affinity, Breezy HR, CognosOnline, E-learnmedia, GVM, Watershed and more.
  • PeopleFluent Learning Experience Platform (LXP): It offers a native learning platform for organizations looking for such a solution. This enables collaboration and could fill competency gaps in the workforce.
  • Onboarding: The platform streamlines, centralizes and standardizes the onboarding process.
  • Recruiting: It provides access to a large pool of candidates, enables video interviews and adds them to the system.
  • Employee Rewards: Users can track and manage incentives, tailor rewards plans and analyze the best ways to compensate and retain top performers.
  • Analytics and Metrics: It can track hard and soft skills, productivity, career paths, identify potential candidates for leadership, seek leadership vulnerabilities and analyze other data.
  • Staff Development: It allows employees to track and measure skill sets and identify skill gaps. They can see overall trends in employee performance and notice who is performing well and who needs extra help.

PeopleAdmin Support

In terms of staff support, users get access to certified project managers, dedicated account managers and consultants who can help with implementation, onboarding and more. They can access a portal and submit tickets through the website. There is also a global, on-call technical support team.
mail_outlineEmail: There doesn’t appear to be an all-inclusive support email. There is a community site where users can get information and ask questions.
phonePhone: There isn’t a general-purpose support customer phone number. Users can use the on-call tech support team, accessible through the community portal.
schoolTraining: It offers end users training such as video tutorials, implementation consultation and onboarding help. Other online resources include case studies, reports, blogs and more on the customer community site.
local_offerTickets: There appears to be a ticket system. Users can submit requests through the community site and user portal.

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