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Key differentiators & advantages of PeopleAdmin

  • More Compliant: It helps users keep up their compliance through the analysis of EEOC guidelines, breakdowns in diversity hiring initiatives, analyzing overall hiring practices and compiling reports for accreditation.
  • Time Saver: By automating various recruiting, performance monitoring and position management tasks, the system allows HR professionals to save time.
  • Easier Onboarding and Offboarding: The app standardizes and streamlines the onboarding and offboarding process. This includes distributing training materials and filing requisite forms.
  • Effective Search Committees: It provides one centralized location for search committees to communicate, attach meeting notes, enter confidential letters of reference and maintain other important info. This helps the search committee stay updated and informed.
  • Less Turnover: By investing time in employees and connecting with them on career paths, it can help reduce turnover and keep top performers.
  • Better Communication: The solution communicates expectations, policies and duties upfront so everyone in the organization is on the same page.

Industry Expertise

Vista Equity Partners acquired PeopleAdmin in 2014. PeopleAdmin’s higher education solution came from a partnership between PeopleAdmin’s parent company, PowerSchool, and higher education institutions such as the University of Arkansas, North Carolina State University, Villanova University and others.

PeopleAdmin has won a Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Award, People’s Choice Stevie awards, a CIO award and more. The report, “K-12 Talent Management Software Market is Thriving Worldwide with Leading Players Like Cornerstone OnDemand, Halogen Software, PeopleAdmin, & more,” listed it as a major player.

Key Features

  • Faculty Information System: It allows faculty to track and maintain their work while also enabling each institution to analyze data. This can allow them to better align with their organization’s goals.
  • Reporting: The platform offers different metrics — both standard and customized — to track progress for individual or multiple institutions. This includes tracking faculty activity, connecting data to individual projects and providing actionable insights from data.
  • Job Board Posting: It integrates with higher education job boards and lets users post jobs easily.
  • ATS: Besides normal resume scanning aspects of an applicant tracking system, it can send information to search committees, store letters of reference confidentially, take care of EEO reporting and more.
  • Internal Candidates: It notifies qualified internal candidates of open positions and tracks their progress.
  • Responsive: The solution allows users to access, approve and otherwise interact with the system on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • Recruiting: It manages and automates multiple tasks in the recruiting timeline including posting jobs, background checks and other activities.
  • Interoperability: The platform provides third-party interoperability to connect with existing company software such as enterprise resource planning, human resource information/management system and student information system.
  • PeopleAdmin Connector: PACx is the program that allows for interoperability. It can simplify workflows, maintain integrations across various tech ecosystems and make data uniform.
  • Integrations: It integrates with a number of vendors and services including Applya, DirectEmployers, Ellucian, HERC, HigherEdJobs, Hireright, Jobelephant, JobTarget, Proforma, SkillSurvey, Spark Hire and more.
  • Employee Development: The solution offers capabilities to tackle evaluation, documentation and annual planning. This will also automatically include notes or attachments.
  • Government: Through SelectSuite, it offers recruiting, talent monitoring and other operations specifically tailored to government agencies.
  • Learning and Development: It can manage professional development and explain the needed steps for tenure or promotion.
  • Electronic Forms: The platform allows users to create and customize forms so it’s easier to maintain a content library. This is also a more paperless way to access FMLA documents, tuition benefits, time-off requests and more.
  • Question Library: It gives interviewers a library of appropriate questions to ask candidates and make the process standard.
  • Single Sign-On: It offers an SSO capability that can reduce the number of logins and therefore vulnerabilities in a system.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: The platform comes with ways to monitor diversity in the hiring process. This includes candidate diversity analytics, EEO reporting and monitoring for diversity initiatives.
  • Stakeholder Communication: It allows users to send reports automatically to stakeholders weekly, nightly or monthly.
  • Position Management: Through the solution, people can create, organize and select position descriptions. Once created, they’re mapped to supervisors for a more clear understanding of the company.

PeopleAdmin Support

Customers of PeopleAdmin have options to contact the company. The general support number is 866-389-1245 and email is [email protected] There’s a community website and customer portal. Users can submit tickets in different ways. There’s extensive training available for some PeopleAdmin products. In addition, the solution provides additional resources in blogs, podcasts, webinars and a newsletter.

mail_outlineEmail: The all-purpose support email is [email protected] and there’s a community support website.
phonePhone: The general phone number is +1 (866) 389-1245. Users can use the following options to reach the needed support: SchoolSprings, option 3, SearchSoft, option 4, SelectSuite, option 1; SelectSuite 5.8., option 5; TalentEd. option 2; TeacherMatch partners, option 7; and TeacherMatch SmartFind/Thrive, option 6.
schoolTraining: It offers different training programs for software or administrative users. They offer training on-site, virtually or through recorded webinars.
local_offerTickets: Support cases can be submitted through telephone, by email or through the customer portal.

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