Benefits and Insights

Why use Fetcher?

Key differentiators & advantages of Fetcher

  • Direct Communication: Fetcher offers seamless integration with Gmail and Outlook and provides personalized communication channels between recruiters and potential candidates. Providing a direct line of communication with hiring managers boosts response rates from candidates. 
  • Integrations: It integrates with major CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). It also integrates with social media channels to keep teams organized and streamline their workflows. 
  • Team Collaboration: It allows multiple users to work together and doesn’t limit user logins. It fosters team collaboration by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to work together and exchange ideas and thoughts. Teams can also review and exchange candidate profiles on Slack channels. 
  • Automated Candidate Search: Fetcher customizes its AI-powered candidate search according to client’s requirements and initial feedback. It understands client requirements and finds candidates on autopilot mode. It sends messages to potential candidates on behalf of its users. It emails profiles of suitable candidates daily to its clients. 
  • Easy Candidate Overview: It gathers suitable candidate profiles from social and professional networks. It then creates easy-to-read highlights from these potential candidate profiles for its users to filter them easily. 
  • Engage Interested Candidates:  It helps businesses scout for suitable candidates who are interested and enthusiastic about the vacant positions. Hiring managers can filter interested candidates from the candidate pool and keep them engaged for future processes.  

Industry Expertise

Fetcher automates candidate sourcing and hiring for industries like music, e-commerce, telecom, engineering and IT, business services, marketing, manufacturing and more. It offers tools to help businesses discover candidates whose interests, qualifications and experience match their requirements and culture.

Key Features

  • Simplified Sourcing: Businesses spend endless hours sourcing candidates to fill vacant positions. Fetcher aggregates potential candidate data from online sources, including social and professional networks. It gathers updated candidate profiles that are easy to access. It builds a pool of interested and qualified professionals and amplifies an organization’s sourcing efforts, without wasting multiple hours a day. 
  • Optimizes Outreach: It strengthens outreach and engaging qualified candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. Hiring managers can choose customized messages for outreach and send them directly to the candidate's inbox. It also automates follow-up emails to qualified candidates. Users can choose from its array of personalized templates and send the right message or email at the right time. 
  • Hires Top Talent: Fetcher boosts collaboration and encourages hiring teams to exceed their recruitment goals. It automates lead generation and candidate targeting to enhance an organization’s scale and productivity. Automating top-of-funnel tasks helps organizations focus on nurturing, engaging and hiring suitable candidates. 
  • Diversifies Candidate Pool: It removes biases from traditional headhunting methods and diversifies candidate pool. Its AI-powered candidate search removes human intervention and their biases from the recruitment process. The most diverse candidate pools are a result of its fully automated mode that assembles a candidate pool based on client’s requirement and contacting them directly. This method removes client’s potential biases as they are not hand-picking candidates to contact. Its AI programs display candidate searches that are otherwise overlooked. 
  • Intelligent Recruiting: Fetcher is designed to help teams constricted by manual sourcing and manages their external recruitment strategy. It discovers talent on various professional networks, finds their contact details and composes personalized messages and emails. It also automates and actively manages your outbound recruiting strategy. It drastically reduces new employee recruitment with automation, big data and data analytics. 


This product has the following limitations as of writing this review:

  •  Integrating it into an ATS is a time-consuming process. 
  •  It is cumbersome to use LinkedIn plug-in while sourcing. 
  •  Email conversations are hard to locate. It also displays inaccurate candidate profile search results. 
  •  Email campaigns for business development are short. 

Fetcher Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not visibly listed.
phonePhone: Phone support is currently unavailable.
schoolTraining: Fetcher’s site features numerous blogs and a help center to guide users on various topics related to product set-up and issues faced.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through Fetcher’s site.