Benefits and Insights

Why use UltraShipTMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of UltraShipTMS

  • Improved Logistic Visibility: The UltraShipTMS Suite brings greater visibility to logistics and supply chain operations. It provides improved visibility in business logistics results and better analytics to support informed, data-driven decisions. 
  • Planning Capabilities: With the help of included features, users can perform transportation planning strategically since critical data is accessible with full transparency at any time. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With better visibility across the supply chain, UltraShipTMS increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness by reducing labor, equipment usage and fuel costs. 
  • Better Control: Users can exercise better control over their in-bound and out-bound fleet and transport operations. 
  • IT Resource Requirement: This system is usable by anyone, even if they lack development and coding skills. This way, minimal commitment from IT resources is needed. 

Industry Expertise

UltraShipTMS established its footprint in the food shipment, consumer product packaging, retail and building material manufacturing industries.

Key Features

  • UltraShipTMS Core: After implementing the Core UltraShipTMS system, users can choose to activate any or all included modules. Users can select their required modules based on the specific logistic management needs of the business. 
  • LoadFusion Optimizer: Its robust optimization engine, the LoadFusion Optimizer, offers a sandbox modeler that comes with a convenient drag-and-drop user interface. Its accessible interface helps make route and freight optimization easier. 
  • Fleet Management: Several features such as driver payroll, backhaul management, equipment and driver dispatch can be integrated into telematics for fleet management alongside carriers. 
  • Advanced Scheduling: Shipment pickups, allotments, deliveries, and docking bays can be automatically scheduled in advance using this TMS suite. Automation brings improved transparency for customers, clients, vendors, transportation participants and other stakeholders. 
  • Claims Management: This feature allows the user to manage all their claims from a single interface effectively. However, it is yet to be released. 
  • Bid Management: This feature is also yet to be released. When it is, users will be able to manage all of their bids from the platform. 
  • Mobile Yard Management: Users can keep track of the exact location of all assets that are in the yard. Accurate product tracking can help bridge the gap between the WMS and TMS, bringing more transparency into fleet management operations. 
  • Audit & Freight Payment: Settlement for exception management, allocations and accruals, match pay and GL coding are also fully automatable.

UltraShipTMS Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: To check out information related to the suite, users can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]
phonePhone: For product-related information, users can contact (800) 731-7512.
schoolTraining: Users can find the latest videos, white papers and case studies in the UltraShipTMS resource library available on its website.
local_offerTickets: No information about raising tickets is available.