Benefits and Insights

Why use Shipedge?

Key differentiators & advantages of Shipedge

  • Easy Integration: Connect WMS and OMS to selling channels, shipping solutions, carriers and technology partners. Scalable systems that expand with the organization’s requirements. Custom developments are provided to match changes and growth in a workflow. 
  • Customizable 3PL Billing: Shipedge provides a 3PL billing module to help clients set up billing procedures, payments and more. Its automation feature alerts clients when their accounts are low. It creates pricing transparency, sets pricing for special packaging and eliminates paper processes. 
  • Flexible Distribution Billing: Custom billing options for distribution, including an online payment portal, customizable agreement mapping for wholesale and robust integrations with channels and carriers are provided. Users can connect with clients using EDI and API, track teams and charge clients based on labor costs, generate invoices to receive data-based payments and make simple order entries. Warehouse operations can be connected to scanning-based workflows. 
  • Mobile Barcode Scanner App: Android native, mobile barcode scanning app are available. Pick and pack features can set picking routes and assess user efficiency. It has various inventory control options, including cycle and blind count, moving products and different quality control levels connected to the WMS. Replenishment feature lets users scan an incoming package, inspect items and put products away. Also, users can receive, process and put away new SKUs through its Momentum feature. 
  • Automatic Best Rate Shipping: Automatically calculate the cheapest rate based on the delivery date, dimensions, cost and weight. Product dimensions and weight can be tracked to arrange the finest packaging for shipping. Shipping rates are calculated according to the delivery date, weight and size. There are customizable, special rates for prime shipping carriers. It also displays how long it would take to order more packaging through AI forecasting. 

Industry Expertise

Shipedge is an order fulfillment e-commerce solution that has achieved premium usability as a 2018 rising star for warehouse management software from FinancesOnline. It has also been honored as one of the best e-commerce software solutions on GoodFirms.

Key Features

  • Warehouse Management System: Integrations with tools, shopping carts and selling channels to automate orders are available. Synchronize inventory, process order and post tracking numbers as they ship. Manage inventory anywhere, achieve real-time accuracy, improve forecasting, best rate fulfillment and connect sales to the supply chain. 
  • Order Management System: Manage tasks and multiple channels in a single place. Inventory forecasting with automatic purchase order generation, real-time reporting and history, inventory control and complete OMS feature set that includes dropship routing, backorder management, and more are included in the system. 
  • Drop Shipping: Easily connect to dropship suppliers and get the cheapest shipping option with order routing. Customers can monitor inventory levels, track orders and manage reverse logistics. It improves forecasting and inventory-stock levels, enhances decision-making capabilities and integrates channels into a single-billing platform. 
  • Returns and Exchanges: Its integrated tracking systems provide streamlined reverse logistics, reducing overall costs and time spent tracking items. It has various RMA and return label options for users to operate. State of the art procedures simplify and manage returns. Track exchanges, monitor incoming items and calculate inbound and outbound costs to maintain positive customer experiences. 
  • E-Commerce ERP: It offers an e-commerce ERP module that can monitor cost fluctuations across catalogs and compare changes in sales price for profitability. Users can make informed decisions, predict future orders, automate reorder points, limit stockouts, create economic order points and safety stock levels through AI forecasting. Its advanced reporting feature provides resource visibility and helps users track shipping costs, product prices, labor costs and expenses. 
  • BOM Software: Shipedge strengthens manufacturing and fulfillment networks through its bill of materials management software. It lets users translate SKUs and streamlines component picking. Unique workflows are created for easy manufacturing. Sellers can make component lists for builds using synsets. Monitors all inventory levels by tracking completed items, available quantities and packing quantities. 

Shipedge Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available.
phonePhone: Phone support isn’t mentioned.
schoolTraining: It provides users with blogs that include information on e-commerce trends, upcoming opportunities and new software.
local_offerTickets: Shipedge provides complete access to its self-service portal through a signup. Customers can raise a support ticket from their accounts and track its status. A knowledge base is also available after login to the support portal.