Benefits and Insights

Why use RFgen?

Key differentiators & advantages of RFgen

  • Operational Efficiency:  Increase operational efficiency with a clear overview of business processes and fixed assets. 
  • Data Organization:  Store, update and organize operational and material data for multi-location warehouses centrally. 
  • Real-time Updates:  Get real-time visibility into inventory to plan ahead and avoid higher replenishment costs. 
  • Improved ROI:  Minimize costs, improve productivity, mitigate risks, automate workflows to reduce operating costs and improve ROI. 
  • Accessibility:  Access the system and keep records updated seamlessly through integration to on-premise, cloud, connected and disconnected devices. 
  • Mobile Development Studio:  Implement data mobility with a dedicated mobile development studio and dozens of pre-built mobile application suites. 

Industry Expertise

With nearly four decades of experience, RFgen serves nearly 3000 enterprise-level businesses in the manufacturing and supply chain industry. Suitable for businesses in aerospace, automobile, construction, food and beverages, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries with more than 25 users, it mobilizes critical operational workflows and increases accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management:  Manage real-time centralized inventory to maintain stock levels on all channels and warehouse locations. Track details like location, quantity, status and history of every inventory item. 
  • Order Management:  Plan, automate and track order-to-delivery workflows for quicker deliveries and better customer experiences. 
  • 3PL Management:  Benchmark warehousing operations across multiple locations to optimize efficiency, facilitate direct updates to channel partners and execute fulfillment strategies with accuracy. 
  • Quality Management:  Implement internal and external quality control guidelines, mark stock as accepted or rejected to maintain quality standards. Manage expiry dates for optimum stock levels. 
  • Shipping Management:  Manage shipping through carriers and last-mile delivery partner integrations. Manage all channels through dedicated partner portals. 
  • Returns Management:  Execute reverse logistics processes for return orders, perform quality checks and minimize losses by identifying resalable items. 
  • Receiving and Put-away:  Set up rules and warehouse flow to optimize receiving and put-away processes for received goods from shipping dock to storage location. 
  • Barcoding:  Use barcode inventory control for mobile order picking, warehouse transfers and performing inventory counts. 
  • Forecasting:  Forecast short-term and long-term demands to plan inventory for specific periods through channel inputs, historic sales data, planned promotions, inventory turnover and stock counts. 
  • Label Templates:  Create customized bin labels, barcodes, serialized numbers, color-codes and text labels for efficient inventory management with readymade templates. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Hard to set up 
  •  Writing new applications can be difficult 
  •  Occasional server interferences with data and barcode scanners

RFgen Suite Support

RFgen offers 24/7 support to its users via phone, email, documentation and chat support portal.
mail_outlineEmail: Support email address is hidden behind customer login.
phonePhone: Users can reach support experts through phone at +1-916-939-4065 and +1-888-426-3472.
schoolTraining: Training is available through an online knowledge base, documentation, videos and in-person.
local_offerTickets: Users can log in to their account to submit a ticket and escalate their issues. Tickets are resolved in priority order.