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Why use RapidResponse?

Key differentiators & advantages of RapidResponse

  • offers multiple supply chain applications that are all supported by a single data model and analytics engine, making the interaction between processes seamless;
  • extends far beyond static input data (e.g. master data, orders, WIP, inventory, etc) to include calculated key performance outcomes at the same time (e.g. fill rates, shortages, excess & obsolete inventory, order actions, margin projections, revenue projections, etc)
  • provides a data and analytics model that can represent several states of the supply chain—historical, present, and future—in order to detect changes that could do future harm or present opportunity to the business
  • emulates the analytics used by the host ERP systems, so when there is a change in demand or supply at any level of the extended supply chain, it invokes all of the embedded ERP analytics of the respective host systems to provide immediate visibility into the impact across the organization
  • facilitates what-if analysis of the alternative ways of solving problems with clear, complete, and accurate simulations.
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