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Benefits and Insights

Why use RapidResponse?

Key differentiators & advantages of RapidResponse

  • Supply Chain and Demand Balancing: The suite helps users understand their current performance and interpret the impact of decisions across their entire supply chain network. Informed decision making ensures that the business won’t run into a stock-out or equally costly position. 
  • Faster and Smarter Collaborations: This supply management tool comes with a responsibility matrix that showcases the right set of people users should work with and their requisite context, in alignment with your business goals. 
  • Efficiencies of Augmented Intelligence: Predictive algorithms continuously learn and help with complex tasks, letting users focus on crucial managerial and decision-making processes that boost the efficiency of the entire supply chain. 
  • Tailor-Made Experience: The system comes with a responsive role-based interface that enables users to tailor data and metrics, alerts, playbooks and workflows to their needs. 
  • Align Planning With Execution: The platform enables its users to connect all types of data sources and multiple ERP’s. These connections are carried out without any data duplications, resulting in a comprehensively connected digital enterprise that can align its plans with end results. 
  • Data-Driven Decisions: By making use of past data, users can predict how demand could fluctuate along with other supply chain influencing events. Users can run scenarios to predict how future events could unfold to make educated decisions about the future of the business. 

Industry Expertise

Kenaxis’s RapidResponse has clients from many organizations across multiple industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, life sciences, high-tech (consumer electronics and semiconductors) and consumer products.

Key Features

  • Concurrent Planning: It enables users to plan in synchronization with other team members, data and results. Replacing cascading planning with concurrent planning helps get rid of supply-demand misalignments and cuts down on planning time. 
  • Machine Learning Capabilities: With supply chains powered by machine learning capabilities, the gap between assumed results and actual results is narrowed. Machine learning can help identify underperforming processes and keep the supply chain competitive. 
  • User Experience: Visual analytics help break down data insights, compare options and focus on what to do next at a quicker pace. All this can be done conveniently in a simple interface that enriches the user experience. 
  • Developer Studio: RapidResponse’s developer studio lets users create data models, integrate jobs, use scripts to configure organization logic, automate and convert into easy-to-understand charts and reports. 
  • Cloud-Based Integration: The software is available with a cloud-based deployment model that saves valuable integration time. 
  • Data Security: It uses advanced internet security technology to ensure that a user’s supply chain data is secure from any data breach or theft. 

Suite Support

Email: Users need to be logged in to the Kinaxis Knowledge Network and have the required permission to access its knowledge network content. If one is still unable to access it, email [email protected]
Phone: RapidResponse has dedicated support helplines for its users. Those from the US & Canada, can contact at +1866-463-7877, from Japan at +81345102538 and other international users at +1613-592-3574.
Training: Users can access the Resources tab on RapidResponse’s website for whitepapers, video reports and brochures detailing product usage.
Tickets: Ticketing information is not available.