Benefits and Insights

Why use Manhattan Supply Chain?

Key differentiators & advantages of Manhattan Supply Chain

  • Better Data Visibility: Manhattan Associates Software’s SCM solution provides a beneficial bird’s eye view of critical processes. Data gathered from these tasks allows managing staff to properly plan ahead and make educated decisions. 
  • Balance Costs: This software solution helps balance and cut costs associated with transportation and inventory management while keeping service levels relevant. 
  • Multiple Deployment Options: Manhattan Software is available for on-premise, cloud-based and multi-tenant deployments. Clients can choose whichever better suits their unique requirements. 
  • Leverage the Cloud: This platform is available as a cloud-based solution which comes with a number of benefits. Upgrades can be implemented in real time, while important project documentation can be safely stored in the cloud. 
  • Reduce Errors: Decreasing errors not only cuts back on the costs of correcting them, but it also strengthens customer trust. Automating tedious manual tasks that require input from employees helps reduce problems related to human error. 

Industry Expertise

Manhattan Associates Supply Chain is used in a number of large operations. Some of their major customers include Urban Outfitters and David’s Bridal.

Key Features

  • Warehouse Management: This solution from Manhattan Software provides unique functions dedicated to optimizing warehousing tasks. Streamline inventory placement and increase accuracy throughout critical warehouse processes. 
  • Transportation Management: Cut costs related to shipping and transport with a suite of management tools focused on optimizing delivery processes. This platform provides features that work in the global transport market such as multiple language and currency support.;
  • Value-Added Services: Operations that provide kitting and other value-added services can access functions based on these processes and continue providing them to their clients. 
  • Inventory Management: Manhattan Associates Supply Chain also includes valuable inventory optimization tools. With these, clients can reduce inventory numbers while also discovering stagnant product taking up valuable space. 
  • Integrations: This platform contains numerous integrations that make the exchange of information between partners and clients easier. There are also inclusions that give 3PL providers everything they need to keep their operations running. 

Manhattan Supply Chain Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available for Manhattan Supply Chain customers, although users need to log in through the Customer Portal.
phonePhone: A phone support line is available for Manhattan software customers. This line is available 24/7 for clients to call and discuss issues.
schoolTraining: Hands-on training courses are available for clients that wish to expand their knowledge base. Users can get this experience with live systems in a virtual training environment.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted to experts through the Customer Portal; this requires a login.

Pricing for Supply Chain Management Software