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Why use Kuebix?

Key differentiators & advantages of Kuebix

  • Increase Freight Savings: All of a users rates can be compared side-by-side with available options to cut costs and save money on their shipments. This allows organizations to always use the most cost-effective method to transport goods from warehouse to customer. 
  • Leverage All Modes of Transportation: Kuebix TMS is a multi-modal system that lets users ship their items using any method of transportation. It supports shipping via ground, ocean or air all in one single system. 
  • Boost Process Speeds: Kuebix’s TMS platform can complete implementations quickly. An implementation that would normally take years can be finished in weeks or months. 
  • Enhance Collaboration: Powerful portal features let users stay in touch with their suppliers and stakeholders while also giving them a place to do business and upload necessary documentation. 
  • Integrate With Ease: Users can seamlessly integrate with all of their favorite third-party or internal systems. This lets users keep their preferred warehouse management and ERP systems intact and their workflows running smoothly. 
  • Gain Actionable Insights With Analytics: The system analyzes and reports on critical information to help users make educated decisions on shipping processes while also holding suppliers and carriers accountable. 

Industry Expertise

Kuebix’s TMS solution is a widely adopted platform with a variety of well-known customers. Some of their clients include Stop & Shop, Yankee Candle, Weis and Lumber Liquidators. Its cloud-based setup makes it a perfect fit for companies of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Rate Negotiation: Users can dive into shipping options to choose the best service levels and rates for their shipments. Rates can be compared and viewed for any mode of transportation to increase savings. 
  • Spot Quotes and Services: Kuebix TMS lets users request spot quotes for freight volumes to lower freight costs. With an expansive and accessible shipping community, users can find the best rates for freight volumes and service levels. 
  • Easy Booking: Kuebix’s TMS platform lets users book their shipments directly through the system. After connecting with a carrier, users can get their shipments booked and ready to go in a few clicks. 
  • Shipment Tracking: This feature gives stakeholders the tools to gain full real-time visibility into critical shipments. Customers can see exactly where their product is and when it is expected to arrive, which can boost customer satisfaction. 
  • Automatic Freight Audit and Pay: The system can automatically audit carrier invoices against rate quotes that have been approved. The system can identify rates that should be disputed by pointing out unexpected fees. When a correct pay amount has been put together, the system can automatically deduct it from an invoice. 
  • Claims Management: The included Track Claims feature lets users maintain their historical claims and organize them to ensure none are passed over by accident. 
  • Carrier Management: Kuebix can track important carrier tasks, schedules and customer/client interactions to help gauge a carrier’s performance. 

Kuebix Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: In lieu of email support, users can visit the contact page of Kuebix’s site and submit electronic tickets.
phonePhone: No phone support is listed.
schoolTraining: Interested parties can visit Kuebix’s Resource Center for videos, webinars, reports, case studies and more.
local_offerTickets: Users can send in support tickets through Kuebix’s contact page for technical assistance.

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