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Why use Infor Nexus?

Key differentiators & advantages of Infor Nexus

  • Minimize Lost Revenues: Ensures supply through digital commitments, ongoing collaboration and quick issue alerts to minimize lost revenue and stockouts without expediting. Proactive and continuous alignment of supply provides earlier notifications of potential shortages and helps mitigate risks. 
  • Easy Shipping: Equips suppliers with processes and tools to hasten time to market. Accelerates warehouse receiving processes that include RFID scan and pack, ensuring compliance and shipping directly from the source to the customer by electronically enabling customer-compliant labels and packaging. 
  • Enhance Visibility: Provides flexibility to postpone products and destinations for better supply alignment to the latest demand through efficient collaboration and continuous visibility with suppliers. Early commitments help establish trust between the partners. 
  • Improve Finances: Enhances cash management through fast chargeback recovery, reduced duty costs and FOB, automated first sale transactions and invoice discounting. It helps reduce AP cycle times and costs via straight-through processing, increase product margins with better supplier performance and lower processing costs with automation. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Suppliers can provide accurate and timely WIP data using a front-end Excel interface. Customers can manage transactions and suppliers with a single dashboard. Also, event notifications and alerts help users manage by exception. 

Industry Expertise

Infor Nexus is the world’s leading network that connects 74,000 companies globally. It has been named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for multi-enterprise supply chain business networks.

Key Features

  • Onboarding and Integration: Maximizes adoption, transformation and helps connect a diverse network of trading partners and customers. It can effectively manage complexity across multi-step integrations and provide support for many business processes. 
  • Financial Supply Chain Management: Supply chain transaction processes can be automated on a multi-enterprise, multi-tenant platform through financial supply chain management. Companies can confirm orders with trading partners and suppliers, make electronic fulfillment documents and track payments and inventory in real-time. Reduces errors by providing the same data instances to all parties. 
  • Payments and Deductions: Ensures timely payment to suppliers by automatically comparing orders, packing lists, invoices, goods receipts, proof of delivery and inspection certificates. Expedites recovery by configuring company deduction rules and taking deductions on future invoice payments. 
  • Factory Management: Strengthens factory compliance and provides outsourced production visibility to increase supply certainty and enable advanced product flow. Improve on-time delivery and align supply to the latest demand patterns through factory management. Execute multi-tier processes and elevate service levels with optimized packing processes and automated alerts. 
  • Pack and Ship: Boosts compliance and ensures correct shipments through accurate ticketing, packing and labeling. It helps rapidly respond to shifting demand by giving a real-time factory floor view. Allows item packing verification via scan and pack implementation or RFID tags application at production source. 
  • Mobile Service: Its mobile service offers a seamless work experience by helping users tackle important tasks and assign work to teammates. Extends awareness via quick access to critical orders, shipment invoices, status updates and related documents. Simplifies supply chain data security through a secure, two-factor login protocol for certain applications. 

Infor Nexus Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For any queries, email [email protected]
phonePhone: Users from the United States and Canada can call support at +1 866 486 3987. Additional international support numbers are also available on its support page.
schoolTraining: It provides training options that include analyst reports, white papers and videos.
local_offerTickets: Customers can log in to the Infor Nexus support portal to access its customer site.

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