Benefits and Insights

Why use GAINSystems?

Key differentiators & advantages of GAINSystems

  • Accelerate Response Time: GAINSystems helps accelerate supply chain response time by synchronizing planning. It can select the most plausible model, facilitate promotion and project management, manage customer and collaborative forecasts, integrate extrinsic leading indicators, provide exception planning, improve planner productivity and more. 
  • Maximize Multi-Echelon Performance: Enhance service levels and reduce expediting by managing uncertain demand and variability. Manage and mitigate risks, maximize ROA, minimize operating costs, determine optimal service level and stocking policy, incorporate comprehensive error and adjust BOM levels for stocking and postponement strategy. 
  • Improve Planning Processes: Integrate baseline demand planning and inventory optimization into sales, inventory and operations planning for superior results. Collaborative and synchronized planning, scenario planning simulations, profitability-based allocations, comprehensive reporting, mobile-friendly displays, KPI dashboards and accurate pattern recognition features are supported. 
  • Address Complexities: Improves item availability and reduce stockout duration by addressing complexities at each supply chain level. Manages lead times, alternative sourcing, local market complexities, transportation costs and physical, financial constraints with advanced predictive and simulation methods. Users can improve in-stock position, minimize lost sales and inventory excess, increase planning efficiency and reduce inventory costs. 
  • High Customer Satisfaction: It offers integrated dashboards, a codeless user interface configuration, platform independence, real-time integration with ERP systems and workflow management through an exception-based planning portal. 

Industry Expertise

GAINSystems delivers its solutions to various sectors that include manufacturing, distribution, MRO and retail. It has received the best practices award by Frost and Sullivan for supply chain planning and optimization solutions for MRO technology innovation leadership, 2020. It’s also recognized as a visionary in the Gartner 2019 magic quadrant for sales and operations planning systems of differentiation.

Key Features

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Customers can optimize complex relations between sourcing and procurement, supply and demand, inventory investment, customer service levels, operating costs, supply variability and demand plan error. Also, despite market variability, it enables collaboration with channel partners at a minimum cost. 
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting: Reduce inventory and working capital by producing optimal, dynamic demand plans, merged with inventory and replenishment optimization. It offers demand pattern recognition, demand sensing and machine learning capabilities to find and address changes automatically. Users can get improved service levels, forecast accuracy, decreased expediting cost and higher revenue. 
  • Inventory Optimization: Service and inventory target levels can be simultaneously sustained across complex distribution networks and multi-echelon bills of materials. A comprehensive set of source and cost variabilities is considered that includes demand plan errors, lead times and service-level goals for each SKU by location. Algorithms include inventory, network flow, sourcing and stocking policies. 
  • Sales and Operations Planning: IPlanners and executives can review optimization results and remove internal silos collaboratively. Teams can compare scenarios and make decisions by keeping marketing, sales, production, procurement and finance centralized. 
  • Replenishment Optimization: Supply needs can be predicted with demand forecasting and predictive analysis. It can adapt to dynamic supply availability and demand patterns, considering overstock and shortage conditions to enhance replenishments throughout the supply chain. 
  • Optimization as a Service: GAINSystems offers optimization as a service that gives optimized recommendations to its users, including multi-echelon strategies within BOMs, optimal service level targeting for stocked items, distribution deployment optimization and inventory parameters like safety and cycle stock quantities. 
  • SCO Network: Cross-enterprise visibility and data analysis provides instant corrective actions and planning accuracy. SCO network collaboration portals offer a centralized platform to perform transactional processes. It allows the community, indirect trading partners and direct trading partners to share data. 

GAINSystems Suite Support

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