Benefits and Insights

Why use Forecast Server?

Key differentiators & advantages of Forecast Server

  • Improve Forecast Accuracy: Make use of exceptional forecasts to better optimize inventory and operations and improve financial performance
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction: Increase customer fulfillment and satisfaction while lowering inventory levels
  • Sharpen Decision Making: Identify unprofitable or underperforming services and activities for better data-based decision making
  • Align The Organization: Unite the enterprise around one set of forecasts and plans for one version of the truth
  • Lower Costs: Test thousands of scenarios and dozens of techniques without programming, labor expense, or costly, real-world mistakes
  • Reduce Stockouts: Improved forecast accuracy helps reduce stockouts, safety-stock levels, and inventory carrying costs – increase your working capital
  • Intensify Collaboration: Tighter collaboration generates more effective cross-functional cooperation and stronger net enterprise performance
  • Optimize Service Levels: Optimal service levels improve operating performance, fulfilment, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and overall profitability
  • Drive Profit, and Profitability: Forecast automation and accuracy plus optimized inventory and operations increase profit and profitability by reducing stockouts, lost sales, emergency orders, and labor and customer acquisition costs
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