Product Information

Benefits and Insights

Why use FASTER Fleet Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of FASTER Fleet Management

  • Pick From Numerous Integrations: FASTER Fleet Management is compatible with many integrations, including VIN Decoders, Inventory Input Utilities, Asset Alert Imports and more.
  • Enhance Labor Management: This system contains numerous labor-management additions. These include tracking the labor hours of all technicians, touchscreen-compatible labor tracking for the shop floor and a real-time view of all work progress. 
  • Provide Helpful Customer Portals: Customer peace of mind is important. The included Customer Portal lets customers request repairs, schedule appointments and view their repair histories. They can also set up automatic notifications to alert them when work is done and equipment is ready to be picked up.  
  • Leverage Efficiency Boosting Add-ons: Some helpful add-ons including barcode scanning, dashboards, mapping and alert filtering can help fleets boost their efficiency across the board. 

Industry Expertise

FASTER Software has been in the business for over 35 years with nearly 400 customers. Their platforms handle everything from vehicle management and fuel tracking to labor and accounting.

Key Features

  • Asset Management: Handle all of your asset management with features that track warranties, a 15-point replacement system, tire tracking, preventative maintenance and more. Users can leverage asset templates to organize and create vehicle records and certificates as well as a historical view that outlines all maintenance, repair and fuel costs associated with an asset. 
  • Reporting and Fleet Analytics: This system can leverage Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services to create custom reports that can be deployed in native web environments. A dashboard module gives users an accessible place to get an overview of critical KPIs that manage a fleet’s performance. Users can also export their reports to XML, CSV, PDF, Excel or Word. 
  • Processing and Parts Inventory: FASTER Fleet Management records all parts activities such as ordering, receiving, issuing and returning. A full history of all parts is available for viewing, as is the ability to generate reorder lists by vendor. A perpetual inventory method lets users look at snapshots of inventories for any date or time along with vendor warranty tracking.  
  • Accounting Management: Users can track the usage of purchase cards, perform billing adjustments for any cost category, bill maintenance and inventory charges to multiple accounts, and more. 
  • Fuel Management: The system can track data related to any fuel types while managing the inventory levels of bulk fluids. Users can maintain records of fuel transactions and electronically upload them, as well as review and edit fuel exceptions. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management: Maintaining a fleet is critical to supply chain efficiency. FASTER Fleet Management lets users electronically request parts through a Technician Workstation without leaving the shop floor.  

FASTER Fleet Management Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: 24/7 technical support is available from the FASTER Contact page after logging in.
phonePhone: FASTER Fleet Management provides phone support that answers 99% of calls by the third ring. Users can call 1.800.753.2783 for FASTER Win Support or 1.888.353.5789 for FASTER Web Support.
schoolTraining: Training is available for those that have purchased a license.
local_offerTickets: A dedicated customer website is available for ticket submission and more. Users can log in through the Customer Portal to submit tickets.