Benefits and Insights

Why use Ariba?

Key differentiators & advantages of Ariba

  • Manage Supply Chain Disruptions: Robust analytics and real-time communications with suppliers give users the tools they need to respond to supply chain disruptions before and as they occur. Avoid costly problem resolution by tackling issues before they have a damaging impact. 
  • Reduce Costs: Users can cut costs and boost their control over their processes with accessible contract and procurement management tools. It can remove costly mistakes from the equation and leverage sustained sourcing savings for increased profits. 
  • End-to-End Features: Ariba gives users support throughout the entire sourcing process. It contains robust features that strengthen sourcing, procurement, financial and supply chain management tasks.  
  • Boost Collaboration: The Ariba Network is a digital marketplace that helps users grow and manage their sales cycles. Buyers can post sourcing through SAP Ariba Discovery and suppliers can respond with their details. Users can join the Ariba Network which has a double the volume compared to eBay and Amazon combined. 
  • Improved Risk Reduction: Users can ensure that their suppliers go through rigorous onboarding and qualification measurements to guarantee that they are a good fit. It also includes performance management features that give users valuable insight into how their partners are performing. 

Industry Expertise

Ariba provides supply chain and e-procurement support to businesses of all sizes. It helps users digitize, simplify and manage their spend management processes through a single, integrated platform. SAP’s Ariba serves over 4 million businesses with over 180 million transactions every year.

Key Features

  • Buying and Invoicing: Ariba provides a configurable interface with built-in approvals to keep users up-to-date with compliance and cataloging. Its global spend and visibility tools can help keep businesses agile and scalable. It also takes the difficulty out of the procure-to-pay process by simplifying the management of each step. 
  • Financial Supply Chain Management: This system’s robust financial features help users streamline their operations by eliminating manual entry and applying automation to complex processes. It can link purchase orders to invoices, improve metric capture, comply with tax regulations, capture payment discounts and more. 
  • Strategic Sourcing: This feature integrates into your procurement execution processes for increased visibility, more savings opportunities and spend segmentation. Ariba helps teams organize and standardize their source-to-contract tasks as well. It also aggregates purchase orders with proper classification. 
  • Direct Spending: Ariba’s direct spending inclusions fully integrate with your processes from product design to through manufacturing and delivery. Implementing these features can help users speed up their time to market and get them a head start on the competition. It boosts supplier collaboration by identifying product shortages before they become costly problems. It also increases supply chain visibility to increase fill rates and reduce overall inventory levels. 
  • eProcurement: These features can help reduce bottom-line costs by delivering optimal negotiated savings rates. Ariba can help cut buying cycles by up to 50%, lower supply costs by 10% and reduce processing costs by up to 60%.  
  • Intelligent Spend: Complex supply chain operations have to control spend by category while also coordinating spend policies across all their categories. Ariba gives users the tools to simultaneously handle both while providing a fully-unified view of all spend processes. It supports all critical spend categories, including direct and indirect materials, external labor, travel and other expenses. 
  • Buyer Services: Ariba supports buyers with robust deployment services, solution consultations and adoption support. Users can move forward with quick deployment and ensure that business requirements are met right out of the gate. 

Ariba Suite Support

SAP Ariba provides multiple support options before and after deployment for buyers, suppliers and customers:
mail_outlineEmail: Email support options are gated behind a customer login.
phonePhone: Phone support options are gated behind a customer login
schoolTraining: The SAP Ariba Customer Hub contains tips, webinars, learning resources and more for interested parties to peruse.
local_offerTickets: Ticket submission options are gated behind a customer login.