Benefits and Insights

Why use SOASTA Platform?

Key differentiators & advantages of SOASTA Platform

  • Architecture
    CloudTest is architected for modern web and mobile apps. Deployed anywhere on a single server, different physical servers or cloud servers, it maximizes scale and flexibility. Of course it’s elastic. It’s built for the cloud.

  • Visual Test Environment
    Our patented visual testing environment allows you to create even the most complex tests without any coding. Combined with our real-time analytics engine, you can execute iterative testing at unheard of speeds.

  • TouchTest
    Precision Capture and Playback of all Gestures TouchTest™ now delivers the only precision mobile app test automation by capturing and playing back all possible actions and gestures on touch-based devices.

  • Real-Time Analytics
    Actionable information for performance engineers Built from the ground up by the SOASTA engineering team, with more than 20 years of Business Intelligence experience, CloudTest analytics leverages SOASTA’s real-time OLAP engine to provide the actionable Performance Intelligence necessary to allow testers to drill into live data while tests are running to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and potential areas of stress in a web application.

  • Global Test Cloud
    Built on leading cloud provider platforms The Global Test Cloud enables companies of all sizes to simulate traffic for load and performance testing web and mobile applications by leveraging the elasticity and power of Cloud Computing. This platform enables cross-cloud testing from every major cloud provider, as well as thousands of real mobile devices, to form the world’s largest test cloud.