Benefits and Insights

Why use Silk Portfolio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Silk Portfolio

  • Silk Performer
    Network emulation has been introduced to simulate mobile bandwidth limitations, packet drop rates and latency, enabling software development teams to measure the impact of different network conditions including poor antenna signal, high latency on long distance connections and reduced transfer rates.

  • Silk Performer CloudBurst
    support for testing of non-web enterprise applications like SAPGUI, Oracle Applications and Citrix from the Cloud using built-in VPN has been included. This enables enterprises to leverage the elasticity of the Cloud to test the performance of their most critical enterprise applications.

  • Silk Test
    Keyword-driven testing has been added. Silk Test keeps test design separate from the actual test script to enhance productivity and collaboration between users, and to let key stakeholders, such as line of business owners, easily participate in application testing. Cross-browser support has also been enhanced, enabling users to immediately validate their web application on the latest browser versions when they are released without the need to update Silk Test.

  • Silk Central
    Keyword-driven testing has been added to aid collaboration across business and technical teams, and improve productivity. The keyword-driven testing integration between Silk Central and Silk Test delivers a seamless transition from manual to automated testing for all users.