Benefits and Insights

Why use Quick Base?

Key differentiators & advantages of Quick Base

  • Integrated with Your Existing Data
    Connect QuickBase, in just a few clicks, with other cloud apps and sync data automatically. Use our API and add-ons for added functionality in your QuickBase apps.

  • Product Support
    Call upon dedicated customer care specialists to provide personalized support. Or connect with other QuickBase users in the QuickBase Community.

  • Cost Effective
    QuickBase helps you lower operational costs by saving development

  • Professional Services
    Expert QuickBase Solution Providers offer a range of fee-based services including training, database consultation, application design, and custom solutions.

  • Safe and Secure
    Businesses around the globe entrust their financial information to Intuit’s state-of-the-art data centers.

  • Scalable and Adaptable
    QuickBase supports the data needs of any company size from small groups to entire enterprises. Your business process and needs are always evolving and so can your QuickBase apps; adapting them is easy and requires no coding or IT resources.

  • Accepted by Corporate IT
    The QuickBase engine is a powerful, cloud-based database built from the ground up to handle a large amount of information and users with uncompromised security and availability.