Benefits and Insights

Why use QA Wizard Pro?

Key differentiators & advantages of QA Wizard Pro

  • Intelligently Automate Multiple Technologies
    From Windows XP through Windows 8.1, we support more versions of Windows than even Microsoft, letting you test changes to legacy applications.... to web applications and sites... test web applications in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome—all using the same scripts. Adobe Flash is supported too.

  • Script and Test Like a Boss
    QA Wizard Pro's modern IDE provides full scripting, resource management, and debugging capabilities, as well as a comprehensive library of built-in functions and statements to automate complex test scenarios.

  • Future-proofed automation
    The longer a test script can be used without needing to be updated, the higher the return on your test automation investment. QA Wizard Pro's advanced object recognition technology provides enhanced script stability, helping keep scripts running when your user interface changes.

  • Distributed script development and testing
    For teams of automation engineers, our server centralizes automation assets and results.