Benefits and Insights

Why use eggPlant?

Key differentiators & advantages of eggPlant

  • User Experience helps you understand how your application will behave in the real world in the hands of real users. 
  • Cross Browser significantly reduces the time it takes to create and maintain test automation scripts for your website across all major browsers and versions 
  • Cross mobile reduces the time you need to create and maintain test automation scripts for your mobile app; both native app testing and mobile browser testing. 
  • Localization  supports over 200 different languages via its optical character recognition (OCR) technology that can literally read characters from the screen 
  • Acceptance drives the application exactly as a user does through the UI 
  • Data Driven allows you to cleanly separate the logic of your test script from the test data so that you can test lots of different data values without the script becoming complicated, and so that you can easily change your test data 
  • Embedded Systems can be used in combination with a KVM-over-IP to drive embedded systems without installing any software on the system-under-test (SUT 
  • Load can be used alone, and combined with eggPlant Functional, to address a wide variety of load testing situations 
  • Multi-user makes it easy to deploy multiple eggPlant Functional instances