Benefits and Insights

Why use CA Application quality & Testing tools?

Key differentiators & advantages of CA Application quality & Testing tools

  • CA InterTest™ BatchDeliver quality applications with effective, mainframe debugging tools. 
  • CA InterTest™ for CICS - Automate debugging of CICS applications to identify errors prior to production. 
  • CA SymDump® Batch - Quickly detect, analyze and resolve batch application failures. 
  • CA SymDump® for CICS - Quickly detect, analyze and resolve CICS ABEND application failures. 
  • CA Mainframe Application Tuner formerly TRILOGexpert TriTune®Proactively identify the root-cause of application performance problems in production or pre-production. 
  • CA File Master™ Plus - Speed test file editing and data creation with effective mainframe data management. 
  • CA Datamacs™ Test Data Generator - Create production-like test data for higher application quality. 
  • CA Date Simulator - Virtually simulate future system dates and times without impacting live systems. 
  • CA File Master™ Plus for IMS - Get quick and accurate IMS data manipulation.