Benefits and Insights

Why use Lithium Social Media Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Lithium Social Media Management

  • Workflow 
    Every incoming social post is automatically routed to the most appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution based on criteria you define.

  • Automation 
    Posts receive language, source, and content tags so messages land in the correct work queue. Gone are the days of manually assigning each post. That gets old. Really fast.

  • Notification & alerts 
    Set up email and mobile notifications. Receive immediate alerts when messages, priorities, or work queues change.

  • Languages 
    Business is global. So is social. Lithium Social Web provides out-of-the-box detection for more than 25 languages.

  • Conversation threading 
    Consistency counts. Lithium Social Web will always route customer replies back to the original agent before looking for another available agent.

  • Prioritization 
    Posts are scanned and assigned priorities based on customized keywords so agents work the most important issues first.