Benefits and Insights

Why use Aislelabs Social WiFi?

Key differentiators & advantages of Aislelabs Social WiFi

  • Capture More Data: The product captures data upon new network connections. It turns a wifi portal into a data collection point, enriching user data pools. 
  • Better Data, Better Volume: The quality of data collected is often richer and in greater volume. Users can enjoy personalized and diverse metrics like age, city and interests, all without the user ever having to do anything more than consenting to a privacy policy when logging into a network. 
  • No Need for New Infrastructure: The software is adaptable to most existing network devices, and is based in the cloud meaning deployment is simple and efficient. 
  • Build Repeat Customers: With data captured from wifi portals, users can personalize a customer’s marketing experience. 
  • Add Customers to Your CRM: Customer data is also added to an adaptable CRM with easy exporting options, meaning users can quickly and efficiently follow up on important contacts and utilize relevant intel. 

Industry Expertise

Aislelabs Social Wifi is a relatively new product on the marketing but has worked with customers such as Gatwick, Ikea, The Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world), The City of Melbourne, Cadillac Fairview and much more. They serve diverse industries like manufacturing, retail, automotive and residential construction.

Key Features

  • Highly Adaptable: With the ability to be deployed across most network devices, the software is highly adaptable. It also comes delivered by the cloud, enabling ease-of-use and constant access. 
  • Rich Integrations: Compatibility with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest’s ad networks is built into the system, making it easy to scale and personalize advertising efforts. 
  • Numerous Partners: Aislelabs partners and seamlessly integrates with enterprise-grade marketing platforms like Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce and SAP. 
  • Powerful Reporting: Users can choose between 80 different reporting options. Data collection is robust and includes standard as well as unique metrics, such as a user’s hometown. Custom metrics are also available. 
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: By utilizing a customer’s device, users of Social Wifi can market to prospects in unique ways, such as push and SMS notifications. 
  • Custom Captive Portals: The wifi portals that a customer connects to can be endlessly customized in look and feel, and also how they function as well. 

Aislelabs Social Wifi Suite Support

Support options from the company are limited unless the user is a partner of Aislelabs Social Wifi.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available from the company, though the exact details of that support are limited. Users should email [email protected]
phonePhone: Diverse phone support is available from the company as well. Users should visit and locate their specific region.
schoolTraining: The company offers free e-book training as well as case studies and a blog. No formal training options are available unless a user becomes a brand partner.
local_offerTickets: There are currently no ticketing options available from the company at this time.